The indianapolis colts are addressing their need at the cornerback position. Fans may not be satisfied with the free agent pickings at this point in the offseason, though. Chris Culliver and Corey White are the two new recruits. One has a controversial past, while the other barely has a career to speak of so far. Luckily, the team doesn't have a gauntlet of threatening quarterbacks to face in the AFC South this season.

Culliver still brings controversy

Culliver was a second-team All-SEC player prior to his professional football career. He has recorded 143 tackles and seven interceptions during his NFL career.

Injuries have derailed his career as of late, however. He tore his ACL in 2013, then both his ACL and MCL in 2015. He was on the Miami Dolphins' active roster for just 12 days last season before being released. The Colts are betting on a healthy season from the cornerback.

They are also betting that he won't bring any more controversy than he already has during his career. Most memorably, he made defamatory statements about the possibility of gay players in the NFL prior to his Super Bowl appearance with the San Francisco 49ers. He has also made derogatory statements about women and allegedly hit a bicyclist in a hit and run, resulting in a one-game suspension. Culliver has yet to outrun his demons off the field, but the Colts are hoping he can this year.

White waits for his chance

There are talking points for Culliver, even though they aren't all great. For White, there's much less to discuss. He has been in the NFL since 2012, when he was a fifth round draft pick of the New Orleans Saints. He actually started four games during his rookie season, but didn't show much. He was eventually moved to safety to cover up for some injuries, but was waived after his third season with the team.

Since then, however, White has become an NFL journeyman. He had stints with the Dallas Cowboys, Arizona Cardinals, and Buffalo Bills. Just this offseason, the New York Jets signed him, only to place him on injured reserve in August and release him with an injury settlement less than two weeks ago. The Colts are his fifth NFL franchise since 2015, when he had just one over the course of the previous three seasons. Over the course of his career, White has 161 tackles, 22 pass deflections, and six interceptions, numbers he will have the opportunity to improve upon on a team with a shaky secondary depth chart.