Russell Westbrook had one of the greatest MVP seasons for a player who did not win a championship. He became the first player in 55 years to average a triple-double for the entire season. More importantly, he led the Oklahoma City Thunder to the playoffs in his first season without Kevin Durant as his teammate. No one really knew what to expect of the Thunder after the departure of KD, but Westbrook made sure fans knew that it was his team now and he was perfectly fine on his own.

Still, despite the great numbers that he put up, there were a few other players that could have arguably took home the award.

Last season's MVP race showed the world that the NBA is becoming more competitive than its' ever been. So, this season won't be any easier for Russell either. However, according to ESPN, Russell Westbrook is still the favorite to win it this season with odds of 7-2. Following closely behind is Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, LeBron James, James Harden, Giannis Antentokoumpo, Steph Curry, and Anthony Davis.

The 2017-18 regular season will begin in two months and the anticipation is as high as it has ever been. With the addition of arguably one of the best draft classes in several years, it will be interesting to see what player will be able to outshine the rest of the league

Other possible candidates

Chris Paul will be wearing a different uniform this season after signing with the Houston Rockets this offseason.

Fans are already expecting Paul to have one of the best seasons of his career. With the window of opportunity closing soon, CP3 feels pairing up with Harden gives him the best opportunity to finally win a championship. Expect him to play MVP style basketball this season.

Paul George will be joining the reigning MVP Russell Westbrook in OKC, after a surprise trade this summer.

George could be a more of a partner in crime for Westbrook than Durant was because he is not as talented. However, George can do all of the same things KD can without making Russell feel he is not the most valuable player on the team.

It has already been established that OKC is Westbrook's team, but it is still possible PG13 could be using this season to audition for his hometown team the Los Angeles Lakers.

If that is the case, expect him to certainly put up MVP type numbers.

Rookies that have potential to take home the trophy

In an interview with Hall of Famer Tracy McGrady, No.1 overall pick Markelle Fultz said that one of his goals in his first season is to win the league MVP award. Well, he will have a good shot at pulling it off on a young and promising 76ers team. Philly is expected to make one of the biggest turnarounds in league history with the amount of new talent on the roster this season.

Fultz is expected to be the final piece to complete the process with his ability to score the ball at a very high-level. If he can lead the Sixers to the playoffs like many people believe, he will be a worthy candidate for the award.