Definition of an "MVP." In the world of professional sports, being the MVP of any pro sport says four words; 'you are the best!' -- for that season at least. Out of all the professional sports I watch, which mainly consists of basketball, football, baseball, and hockey, I'd have to say basketball seems to be the most difficult to achieve the award. With a roster of only twelve active players, the pressure for everyone to be good is greater. Also, a player has to have a spectacular season, considering the amount of guys lined up behind you that have had just as good a season as you.

Example of an NBA 'MVP'

During the 2000-01 NBA season, Allen Iverson put on a performance the entire season that is arguably the greatest MVP campaign the NBA has ever witnessed. A 6'0 Iverson, who was the subject to trade rumors at the start of the season, put an entire city on his back and played every game that season like it was his last. During the regular season, A.I. averaged an amazing 31.1 points per game. In every game he demolished defenders with his non stop scoring, all the while leading a mediocre team to heights no one expected they'd reach. By the end of the season, it was clear who was the MVP. Of course there were other guys to mention, but Allen Iverson in the 2000-01 season was the only player that was must-see TV every night!

It also marks the last time the league has been able to see an MVP score at that level.

2016 -17 Westbrook makes history

Prior to the 2016-17 season, there was only one player in NBA history that was able to average a triple double for an entire season. Oscar Robertson was the man to do it 55 years ago during the 1961-62 season.

For Russell Westbrook, the season started without former teammate, all-star Kevin Durant. With a chip on his shoulder, Russ went out every night and killed his opponents at all around play: so much that he broke an NBA record that stood for 55 years. Westbrook not only joined "The Big O" for being the only players in NBA history to average a triple double throughout a season, he broke his record of 41 triple double in a season with 42.


Russell Westbrook, like Allen Iverson in 2001, began his MVP campaign with a major chip on his shoulder. Losing KD, and battling it out with another former teammate in James Harden all season for the honors, Westbrook proved he was the one that was must-see TV every night by achieving something that hasn't been done in 55 years. When you really think about it, how many years will NBA fans have to wait to see that again? That mystery alone is enough to get Russ enough votes to take home a much deserved MVP award.