The Philadelphia Phillies have lost four in a row, and are 32 Games under .500. The team is heading in the direction of the number one draft pick in next year's draft. The schedule for the Phillies is not in their favor, so that means that losing is going to keep happening. However, is it possible for the team to lose 100 games this season? The Twins most recently lost over 100 games last season (59-103). The Phillies were close in 2015, when the team lost 99 games.

The month of August

The Phillies are 43-75 as of now, which means the team has to lose at least 25 more games.

The Phillies close out the month of August with four games against the San Francisco Giants, five games against the Miami Marlins, three games against the Atlanta Braves, and three against the Chicago Cubs. The Phillies are 2-1 against the Giants, so they could hypothetically win three of four games this time. Let's just say that the Phillies lose three of the five with Miami. The Phillies are somehow 11-2 against the Braves this year, so one can predict that they win two of three. The Phillies are 1-3 against the Cubs, so one could predict that they lose two of three. Going into September, they would have a projected 51-82 record.

The month of September

The month of September features six games with the Marlins, six games with the New York Mets, seven games with the Washington Nationals, four games with the LA Dodgers, three games with the Oakland Athletics, and three games with the Braves.

Given that the Phillies have gone .500 against the Marlins this year, I predict that they will somehow split those games. The Phillies have gone back and forth with the Braves, so they could lose two of three. The Phillies give the Nationals a fight, but are 5-7 against them this year. In seven games with this proportion, the Phillies should lose at least four of the seven games.

The Phillies have lost every game they have played against the Dodgers, but I will say that they will lose just three of four to the league's best team. The team is 4-9 against the Mets this season, so in six games, it's not unrealistic to think that they will lose four of six games. Then, there's Oakland, who they have not played this year.

I'll say they will lose just once.

Finishing out the season

After September, the Phillies would have a projected 63-98. The Phillies close out the season with one game in October against the Mets. Let's just call it a loss, but even so, the Phillies would not lose 100 games. It's possible, but it will be very close.