The Phoenix Suns are trying to find ways to possibly land Kyrie Irving. They do have some players in mind by the Cleveland Cavaliers are specifically eyeing some players in Devin Booker and/or Josh Jackson.

Apparently, the Suns are not keen on letting both go, at least not yet. Instead, the players Phoenix are open to reportedly dealing are Eric Bledsoe and Dragan Bender according to ESPN. With four players (and possibly some picks to go) this could go down at some point. All it needs it amply tweaking the deal to make it acceptable to both sides.

Bledsoe can fill up guard void

Eric Bledsoe can easily fill in the void that may be potentially left by Irving. However, it seems that Bender has been the odd man in the package.

Bender didn’t really impress last season, meaning development has to be made. With some big names up front for the Cavs, devoting time to improve the 19-year-old may not be in the books for Cleveland.

But if one looks at it, the 4th pick of the 2016 NBA Draft could be an investment with the right people guiding him. He is still young and is obviously underdeveloped. It may all boil down to the purpose of the Cavs – particularly what they are aiming for this 2017-18 NBA season.

No quick fix if 'Uncle Drew' leaves

The point here is that the Cavs stand to lose a veteran playmaker and need to fill up that hole.

So far, Bledsoe has been the best pitch by other NBA teams.

By comparison, Bledsoe would be a severe downgrade to Irving. Then again, it all boils down to how coach Tyronn Lue would use him and patiently wait for him to mature and fit in.

For the Suns, plucking out the right player for Irving may be part of a future outlook.

Irving may be good for only two more years in Phoenix – meaning there is no surety he will stay on beyond that deal. Anything can happen but it may be wise to note that the Suns were not among the preferred team "Uncle Drew" mentioned.

If push comes to shove, the Cavs may just bite in taking in Bledsoe rather than nothing. But as things are shaping up right now, it may be the second player in the mix stalling the deal from materializing.

The Suns may still be skimming their roster for possibilities as of this writing.

Should neither team budge, a conduit third team may be needed. That means another big name in the mix and likely someone the Cavs could really use. Jackson is a wing player so Dan Gilbert may be looking at someone of that caliber to finally settle things down in Cleveland.