The race for Kyrie Irving continues but one team has come out to douse water on a rumor. They are the Miami Heat who shot down reports that they were offering Goran Dragic and Justise Winslow for the all-star guard.

The Heat were among the preferred destinations of Irving though it would take a big package to get the deal done. Seeing how the Heat have been making strides with Dragic and Winslow, the ESPN report which came out recently is unlikely to happen.

Far from over

Just because the Heat have denied any deal involving Dragic and Winslow doesn’t mean they are not interested.

Pat Riley and company could come up with something else, a more subtle package. Either Dragic or Winslow could still be dealt but definitely not both.

Of the two, the Cavs would have benefitted a bit with Dragic. Seeing how they are on the verge of losing a court general, Dragic could fill in the void. However, there will be adjustments needed considering the playing style differences of both cagers.

As for Winslow, adding him to the Cavs mix may be a twist. The Cavs could take in a rising young player but place the likes of J.R. Smith or even Iman Shumpert on thin ice. Though the two Cavs players are tested veterans, the state of Cleveland right now is that they may be headed to a semi-rebuilding stage.

Price it right

The whole scenario involving Dragic and Winslow for Irving is all about the contract all players carry. Irving holds a hefty salary so tweaking the numbers for the Heat could be tricky.

Riley is left with little options considering it compromises their future investments. They already owe their 2018 and 2012 first round picks to the Phoenix Suns and may be prohibited from dangling their 2019 and 2020 picks due to the “Ted Stepien Rule.” For those unaware of that, the rule prohibits teams for trading first-round picks in successive seasons.

What lies ahead for 'Uncle Drew?'

There are still several teams in play. That list includes the San Antonio Spurs, New York Knicks and the Minnesota Timberwolves. More are likely to join the fray but it will all be about check and balance in the end.

Salary and sacrifice will be the issue here with most teams wary of who to send off to Cleveland.

Irving has been quiet so far, ignoring calls and social media posts from NBA personalities. No one knows what is going on with Irving right now but we should expect a blockbuster announcement soon – putting a stop to the guessing game about where he will play next.