The New York Knicks have placed Carmelo Anthony on the trade block for a long time. Several teams have approached the Knicks to acquire their power forward, but the Houston Rockets seems to be getting one step closer. The Knicks need something valuable for Anthony, and it is still a huge question if the Rockets could give them what the need.

Out of all the NBA teams that approached New York, Carmelo Anthony seems to be open for a trade to the Houston Rockets. It appears that the Knicks and Rockets are back to terms trying to strike a trade deal.

That said, the Anthony trade rumors might be coming to an end soon enough.

New York and Houston have re-arranged trade talks

It is a known fact that the Knicks and the Rockets were trying to finish a deal for Anthony. The 10-time All-Star player has been in great demand, but the recent re-arranged trade talks seem to be the end of the line. The Rockets and Knicks were about to close a deal for the 32-year-old NBA star, but things did not click in the past.

Coming back to square one in this situation is bound to make things happen quickly. The deal has a high possibility to take place as Anthony is all set to waive his no-trade clause for the Rockets. Previously Carmelo had a list of desired destinations, but now he seems to be keen on landing with Houston.

According to NJ, the Knicks and Rockets have had a significant progress on a trade deal during Phil Jackson's period of presidency. However, things have changed with the New York Knicks new General Manager Scott Perry. At this moment, Perry seems to be more concern about the package in return for Anthony.

New York to take Carmelo Anthony to training camp

The NBA free agency is drawn to an end, while next up is the NBA training camp. That said, the New York Knicks are all set to take Anthony in September to training camp. If Carmelo hits the training camp with the Knicks, the deal with the Rockets might drag for some more time.

The one thing the Knicks have made clear is that they need a good package in return for Carmelo Anthony. The Rockets might still need to figure out their assets if they want this deal to come through. Anthony has an advantage with his no-trade clause, and that might force the Knicks to negotiate with Houston.

While these two teams are trying to fix things up with Carmelo Anthony, the Cleveland Cavaliers are still waiting to trade their point guard Kyrie Irving. The Cavs still have a lot of time in the NBA to strike a good deal for Irving.