For almost a month the Cleveland Cavaliers have been mentioned in NBA trade rumors. That came right after point guard Kyrie Irving wanted out from the Cavs. Irving made his request to the Cavs for a trade, and they are still waiting for the right offer to come their way.

Based on previous reports, six teams have approached the Cleveland Cavaliers for Kyrie Irving. Out of those six teams, the Boston Celtics and Phoenix Suns were believed to have the best chance in a trade for Irving. Trade rumors for Irving have brought the Cavs some options as Miami Heat was ready to offer Justise Winslow and Goran Dragic.

Knicks might strike a deal with the Cavs

Given the present situation, the Cavaliers and the New York Knicks are ready to trade Irving and Carmelo Anthony. Despite the fact that the Knicks have a chance to trade Anthony or at least Strike A Deal with the Cavs, it seems that both teams have not fixed on what they want in return.

The Knicks trading Carmelo has to take place some way or the other. It is the same situation with the Cavaliers, sooner or later they will need to trade Irving. The question is what do the New York Knicks want in return for their power forward. As for Cleveland, they have been waiting patiently for the right moment.

What Cavs really want for Kyrie Irving

The Cavs have not given any clue as to what they want in return for an Irving trade.

It is understandable that letting go of one of the best NBA point guards is not an easy decision. But the Cavs have not considered many offers that came their way. The Boston Celtics were also mentioned to be involved in a trade with Cleveland. The rumors are that the Celtics have considered Isaiah Thomas as an option, but Danny Ainge has not yet made a move.

Trading Isaiah Thomas for Kyrie Irving might make sense. The deal would be a benefit for both teams. But with the available options like Carmelo Anthony, it seems that things might take a turn as the New York Knicks might try to strike a deal with the Cavaliers. The Irving trade has prolonged for a long time plus the Cavs might settle for something soon.

With all the given possibilities, the Knicks and Cleveland have a good chance to strike a deal. With Carmelo and Irving on the trading block, they might just settle for an exchange. Irving is all set and ready to play for the Knicks, and Anthony is all set to move out. The teams still have lots of time for a deal to get done before training camp starts. If there are no much options the Knicks and the Cavs might consider their chances.