The NBA free agency is almost coming to an end with this off season, but trade rumors continue to dominate as many top NBA stars seem to be on the trading block. The New York Knicks have Carmelo Anthony while the Cleveland Cavaliers have Kyrie Irving on the list of trade options. It appears that these might not be the only players two available for a trade.

NBA trade rumors are emerging almost every day. With big stars on the list, many teams have been interested in some shuffling and modifications. The teams that were reported to be involved in trade rumors especially the Kyrie Irving trade were the Boston Celtics, New York Knicks, Miami Heat and much more.

Six teams have approached the Cavs for a trade deal, but Irving still remains on board.

Golden State Warriors trade rumors

Recently, the Golden State Warriors have been interested in acquiring Paul George. The all star player has a pending free agency in 2018. That said, the Warriors have plans to pursue George next summer. According to Chat Sports, the owner of the Golden State Joe Lacob is trying to figure out a way to sign Paul George.

It turns out that the Golden State Warriors had approached the Indiana Pacers when George was available for a trade. However, the trade talks did not advance those initial stages since George was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder. Many teams have been trying to obtain George from the Pacers including the Los Angeles Lakers.

It is the same situation for Kyrie Irving and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Will Paul George sign a contract extension with Oklahoma?

The Los Angele Lakers have tried their level best to obtain Paul George. On the other hand, George had also admitted that Los Angeles was one of his preferred destinations. After being with the Thunder, George recently stated that he would not hesitate to consider signing an extension.

"If Oklahoma is a winning team I would consider resigning," George said.

The Warriors might be trying to obtain George, but the Thunder will not give him up so easily. When the time comes for George to move out of Oklahoma, several teams will try to get a hold of the all star player. There is no doubt that the Los Angeles Lakers will also try their best shot.

The Golden State is a strong team with players like Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant, adding Paul George will only make them stronger.

At this moment, the New York Knicks and the Cavs are still waiting for the best trade options for Carmelo Anthony and Kyrie Irving.