The Cleveland Cavaliers have been attempting to trade disgruntled point guard Kyrie Irving since news surfaced that he has demanded a trade from the team. Many teams have already contacted the Cavaliers about a trade, but there doesn't seem to be any reasonable offers.

The Cavaliers remain engaged with several teams about an Irving trade, but they have been receiving lowball offers, according to Fox Sports Ohio.

The Phoenix Suns have made an offer

The Phoenix Suns are the most recent team to make an offer for Irving, putting Eric Bledsoe, Dragan Bender, and a 2018 first-round pick via Miami on the table.

However, the Cavs are not interested in a trade with the Suns unless it involves rookie Josh Jackson.

The Suns are reluctant to give up Jackson in a trade for Irving, so Cleveland could use a different approach. Perhaps they can ask the Suns to give Marquese Chriss, who had a pleasant rookie season, in return.

Cleveland's primary goal is to receive a starter, a young player on a Rookie Scale Contract, and a first-round pick. While Phoenix's offer meets those requirements, it is simply not enough.

Los Angeles Clippers' offer

The Los Angeles Clippers have also made an offer for Irving, including Patrick Beverley and DeAndre Jordan, which is obviously not enough. The only Clipper player on a rookie scale contract is Brice Johnson.

Meanwhile, the Minnesota Timberwolves are not going to include Andrew Wiggins in a trade since they have offered him a max extension worth $150 million for five years, which he is expected to accept very soon.

The Denver Nuggets have become another significant threat to land Irving, but it remains to be seen if they would offer Jamal Murray or Gary Harris.

The New York Knicks are unable to complete a trade with the Cavaliers because Carmelo Anthony is not interested in going to Cleveland anymore. Outside of Anthony, the Knicks don’t have anything else to offer since Kristaps Porzingis has suddenly become untouchable.

Nonetheless, the Suns and Nuggets probably have the best assets to offer Cleveland, but both teams have been trying to lowball the Cavaliers so far.

The Cavaliers are reportedly remaining patient. Although Irving is frustrated and wants to be moved, they are not going to accept these weak offers. However, the reason why the Cavaliers have been receiving lowball offers is that Irving refuses to commit long term to any of the teams hoping to acquire his services.

A deal isn’t expected to be completed anytime soon. In fact, the Cavaliers could end up holding onto Irving and try trading him again before the trade deadline in February.