After a long wait, it seems that the Cleveland Cavaliers might be interested in striking a deal with the Phoenix Suns. The Cavs have been patient for a trade deal with Kyrie Irving. Many teams in the NBA have approached the Cavs for Irving. The Miami Heat have offered Justise Winslow and Goran Dragic for Irving. But Cleveland did not seem to be interested.

When it comes to trading Kyrie Irving, it is essential that they get something worthwhile in return. Irving is one of the top point guards in NBA, and the Cavs will require a powerful replacement for their star player.

There were rumors that the Boston Celtics might trade Isaiah Thomas to Cleveland, but there was no progress whatsoever.

Cleveland Cavalier would love to acquire Devin Booker

According to the Bleacher Report, rumors are that the Cavs would love to acquire Devin Booker. But the important question is will the Phoenix Suns agree to give up their top shooting guard. Giving up on Booker is not an easy decision for the Suns. They might want to acquire Irving, but not by giving up the 20-year-old emerging shooting guard.

Devin Booker is still on his rookie deal, and he is five years younger than Irving. The Phoenix Suns have an advantage with Booker, that is the reason why they did not keep him on the trading block.

Booker averaged 22.1 points per game and he is one of the young core for Phoenix. As for Irving, he is entering his entering his prime in the NBA.

Will the Suns trade Brandon Knight, T.J. Warren, and Eric Bledsoe?

In a recent report, Terry Pluto of mentioned that the Suns might be interested in placing three players on a trade deal for Kyrie Irving.

Apparently, the Suns are looking to work things on their salary cap. That said, it is believed that Brandon Knight, T.J. Warren, and Eric Bledsoe will be a package for Irving.

Devin Booker is out of the question at the moment, and so is rookie Josh Jackson. The Phoenix Suns will not give up these two players, but the Cavs have an interest in Booker.

If things go well, the Suns and Cavs might be able to work things out. However, both teams will need to benefit from the trade.

There is no doubt that Kyrie Irving has a demand, yet the Cavs seem to have their own interests. On the other hand, it is still left up to the teams that are willing to trade with the Cavs. Giving up on two or three players will not make sense just to acquire Irving. At this moment, the Cavs are trying to work things out for Irving.