The Melo-drama continues in New York with Carmelo Anthony still listed as a Knick. The Cleveland Cavaliers, Houston Rockets, and the Portland Trail Blazers have already made their pitches to the Knicks front-office, but only Melo has the power to decide his future with the right to exercise his no-trade clause intact.

Cavs-Knicks deal on Melo no longer feasible

Two months into the NBA offseason, reports coming from league sources indicate that Anthony has now a different point-of-view regarding his trade suitors. According to New York Post’s Marc Beerman, the All-Star swingman has set his sight only on the Houston Rockets as the desired landing spot.

As far as the Cleveland Cavaliers, Anthony previously wanted to play alongside buddy LeBron James but his perception changed following Kyrie Irving’s trade request. The dysfunction within the Cavs organization along with LeBron’s potential exit next year factored in on Melo’s decision to stay away from Cleveland. This would render a potential blockbuster trade between the Knicks and Cavs dead.

The Blazers are crawling in

Meanwhile, the Blazers have kept themselves relevant in the Carmelo Anthony sweepstakes, thanks to heavy recruitment from Damian Lillard, CJ McCollum and now Evan Turner. The former Ohio State Buckeyes standout believes Melo would be a great fit in Portland, boosting the team’s chance against the Western Conference heavyweights.

According to Beerman in a different post, the Blazers have steadily stepped up from previously a conduit team in The Rockets-Knicks deal to become a legit suitor. Lillard said in a recent interview with the Oregonian that he feels Melo has an interest in joining with the Blazers too. The All-Star guard thinks adding Melo to the mix will elevate the Blazers’ status as a top-3 team in the West.

The Rockets are the team to beat

Then again, Houston is the overwhelming front-runner in the Melo trade bonanza. Despite the Knicks front-office’s plead to Melo about expanding the list of trade destinations, Melo has apparently made up his mind. He wants a chance to play for a championship alongside another buddy Chris Paul and perennial MVP-contender James Harden in Houston.

The Rockets, who are out to topple the reign of the Golden State Warriors, possess a stockpile of non-guaranteed deals to throw in once the Knicks bite in on their trade bait. Still, the administration of president Steve Mills and GM Scott Perry made it clear that they want a fair deal, no matter how hard it is to obtain because of Melo’s no trade clause. The Knicks front-office is looking for a competitive trade package consists of up-and-coming players or draft picks. Unfortunately, the Rockets can only offer Ryan Anderson who is under contract for three years ($61 million).