After a long wait, the Cleveland Cavaliers have agreed to a trade deal with the Boston Celtics for Kyrie Irving. The Cavs were waiting for the right opportunity to give up one of their star players, and now they have gotten what they need. Perhaps, all those NBA trade rumors of Cleveland striking a deal with the Boston Celtics have turned out to be true.

The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics have made the perfect deal. On the other hand, the Celtics general manager Danny Ainge has just added another strong potential player to the team. Kyrie Irving's trade request finally came through while Boston agreed to split with their star Isaiah Thomas.

Did the Celtics give too much for Irving?

When it comes to star players, most of the trade deals involve other options. It appears that Boston has not only given Isaiah Thomas to the Cavs, but they have also given their forward Jae Crowder and center Ante Zizic. In addition, Brooklyn's 2018 unprotected first-round pick is also on the list. That said, the Cavs have received a good package from the Celtics for Kyrie Irving.

It is a known fact that Danny Ainge is trying to make the Boston Celtics into a super-team. Getting hold of one of the best point guards will only make the team more valuable. Kyrie Irving is now an asset for the team, and he will be able to use all his talent playing alongside some of Boston's key players.

Irving has been one the best offensive players in the NBA and letting go of Jae Crowder and Ante Zizic was not an easy job, Ainge said.

Irving to wear No.11 for Boston

Kyrie Irving had his preferences to be traded, but the Cavs have given him the Celtics as his next team. Now that he is a Celtic, Irving's new number has been revealed.

Kyrie Irving has always worn No. 2, but in Boston that is an untouchable number. Apparently, the No.2 was not available since legendary Celtics coach and retired general manager Red Auerbach had the number before.

Previously, Irving wore No.10 for team USA and No.1 at Duke, but those are also considered as retired numbers. The only number available is No.

11 and Irving is getting all set to jump into his new green Boston jersey. The 25-year-old Point Guard just needs to climb his ladder with the Celtics. He could turn out to be one of the top Boston players who to wear No.11.

Some of the other Celtics stars to wear No.11 was Dana Barros, Hall-of-Famer Bob McAdoo, Evan Turner, Courtney Lee and Glen Davis.