It was a long six years for Kyrie Irving with the Cleveland Cavaliers. The first three, in particular, are three that he would probably like to forget. His last three, he's enjoyed the luxury of playing alongside the best basketball player in the world in LeBron James. Now, he will have the opportunity to be the leader of his own team after being traded to one of James' rival teams the Boston Celtics. The Celtics are a much younger team that just signed another all-star this offseason in Gordon Hayward.

Kyrie is the only player on the roster that has won an NBA title. So, his teammates will lean on his experience and high scoring ability to lead them to the promised land.

Since last month, it has been clear that Irving wanted to move on from Cleveland because there is a good possibility LeBron will do so next season and that would leave him stuck in the position he was in before James arrived. So, now his trade demand appears to be a move that has helped out out both franchises for now and the future.

Helping Cleveland in the future

As part of the compensation for Irving, the Cavs will have a good chance at receiving a top draft pick next season by getting the Nets 2018 pick in the deal. Next year's draft class is expected to include more great prospects like Marvin Bagley, that will allow Cleveland to rebuild immediately if James decides to play elsewhere at the end of the upcoming season.

Also, Isaiah Thomas will now have at least one guaranteed team that will offer him a max contract that he intends to receive.

If Thomas and James are able to experience success together in their first season as teammates, it may persuade LeBron to finish his career at home instead of heading to the west coast like he's expected to do.

If he stays, it will be hard for Isaiah to not do the same. If that happens, Cleveland will certainly continue to be one of the top teams in the East for many more years and fans can count on the rivalry with the Celtics to be much more intense than it was before.

Kyrie is now ready to run the show

Last season, Kyrie averaged a career-high with 25.2 ppg.

His average shot up almost six points better than the prior season when he helped the Cavs win their first ever NBA title. However, for the last three years, he's had to ride shotgun to King James in Cleveland. Playing with the best basketball player in the world gave Irving the experience all young players dream of and helped him learn what it takes to win a championship and play at the highest level.

Kyrie has continued to improve every year and after spending much-needed time with LeBron, it's safe to say he now has the ability to lead his own team like most other stars as long as he has the right pieces surrounding him. The Boston Celtics are the perfect fit. He will be the go-to-guy and the first option now and he will certainly have the ball in his hands much more now.

Expect the Celtics to be a tougher matchup for the Cavs this season if the two meet again in the playoffs.