The Nationa Basketball Association expects all teams to sign the newly implemented "rest rule" by September before the 2017-2018 season starts. According to USAToday, the implementing "rest rule" will prevent teams owners from benching their healthy players in order to make them fit in the long run. Fans pay their tickets to watch their favorite players, but when team sidelines their stars, it loses the essence.

In April, NBA commissioner Adam Silver implied the importance of giving what the team needs without sacrificing the fans' intentions. The resting of players, on the other hand, is required to create an effective and interesting game of basketball.

After all, the NBA's business is their fans who spent thousands just to get a glimpse of their favorite players. "There is a recognition from teams that on the one hand a certain amount of resting is just inevitable and appropriate to keep the players healthy, but that they shouldn’t be resting multiple starters on the same night," he added.

Revision of NBA game schedules

Not only that but the NBA has also revised the game schedules in order to give players enough time to rest. Among the changes implemented include the start of the season a week earlier to spread the schedules at more convenient intervals properly. Though it's not detailed, part of the new schedule includes the elimination of the four games in five days or the usual 18 games in 30 days.

But most of all, the reduction of a single game road trip by 17% has significantly helped to increase the chances of players getting more rest.

Adam Silver on benched players

Meanwhile, Commissioner Adam Silver also said that teams should not bench multiple starters during games. This practice could lead to disciplinary action and teams could be penalized.

Moreover, resting players should stay home instead of being benched if they really need to and if an injury prevents them from playing. Teams are expected to lay out the inevitable time to rest its players and come to an amicable agreement that will benefit the team, players, fans, and the NBA itself.

Unfortunately, there is also the setback on determining whether a player is healthy or not when it comes to rest.

Apparently, not all of this incidents are being monitored, and it's rather complicated just to say a player is healthy, and they should play on these schedules. The NBA "rest rule" came to light amid issues in trade talks and free agency this season.