The Miami Heat players are going to play on the international stage this coming season. The game, scheduled to be played in Mexico City, will be the first time that a regular season game is held internationally.

The NBA is going to Latin America again together with Miami Heat, thanks to their arena that impressed the major leagues. According to NBA commissioner Adam Silver, there are still no immediate plans to expand the NBA yet it surely is taken into consideration due to the possibilities the city of Mexico has shown. Perhaps, this is the reason why they would like to play one game in that location?

NBA commissioner gives an update about the Miami Heat game

“Clearly coming to Mexico City just because of the huge population here in Mexico but in essence as a gateway to rest of Latin America could potentially be very important to the league,” Silver said during an interview with the Miami Herald.

But before the expansion talks, we might as well celebrate because this December, Miami Heat will visit Mexico to play against the Brooklyn Nets. Before that, we will see some basketball action between the Nets and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

New NBA schedule to be released soon

The NBA schedule is set to be released no later than next week yet we already have a good shot knowing Mexico will be the place where The Nets, Thunder, and Heat will collide, all thanks to Mexican Journalist, Paulina Benavente, who turned to Twitter to spread the news.

They are reported to dribble basketballs in the Mexico City Arena and fans could not wait to book their flight tickets ahead of time.

The Arena Ciudad de México is located in the municipality of Azcapotzalco. It is designed as an indoor event center where major concerts and sports events are held. It has been more than five years since the arena opened to the public and it will be remarkable, sooner or later, as the sports ground where Heat’s first international regular NBA season game will be held.

And if they play successfully on December 9, that may mark a new chapter for them.

An NBA regular season game was also played in this area back in 2013 but it was not completed due to some generator malfunction that forced the game to prematurely end.

Fast forward in 2017, NBA fanatics in Mexico may as well grab their chance to support Miami Heat, Oklahoma City Thunder and Brooklyn Nets in December. There is no doubt that the famous NBA teams will be bringing another successful and thrilling game this season.