NBA veteran player Matt Barnes, recently confirmed that he believes LeBron James is a perfect fit for the Los Angeles Lakers. The rumors of LeBron James joining the Lakers never stop since Kyrie Irving announced that he wants to be out of the Cavaliers. With Matt Barnes adding to the hype, it is most likely believed to happen sometime in the future. It is also believed that LeBron James will take his final attempt on winning a championship with the Cavaliers, as the team managed to sign Derrick Rose, which will be the replacement of Kyrie Irving if he got traded.

Kyrie Irving was also seen to join Stephen Curry while they tried to mock LeBron James' rapping.

LeBron James might consider signing with the Lakers if the Cavaliers struggled this season

LeBron James has been seen scouting in a game of Los Angeles Lakers. There are also fans saying that Lonzo Ball and his father has been talking the James. However, LeBron James doesn't share any thoughts on leaving the Cavaliers yet, as the team is currently on its rebuilding stage, where they might become much stronger than before. According to Matt Barnes, he said that James will be a huge trouble in the NBA if he signed with the Los Angeles Lakers. It is because of how well the Lakers have built their current roster today.

Barnes also believed that the young players in the Lakers are capable of competing in the Playoffs and winning hard games. Fans also agreed to him that it may be the time for the Lakers to rise again, as it is one of the most favorite teams in the NBA. The Cavaliers seems to have a low firepower next season, which could lead to devastating struggles.

Due to this, fans are hoping that James will finally consider joining the Lakers in the future.

The Los Angeles Lakers might be a championship caliber team soon

With the young and talented players in the Lakers today, sports fans are already predicting that the Lakers might reach the NBA finals soon. The Los Angeles Lakers are considered one of the best teams in the NBA since Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant's era.

It is also loved by many NBA players, as they grew up watching the Los Angeles Lakers winning championships. However, the Lakers have been struggling over the past few years. Due to this, Lakers fans are hoping that their favorite team will make a huge comeback this season. LeBron James is also known to have bought a house in Brentwood, Los Angeles, making everyone curious as it may be the clue that James is preparing for the Lakers in the future.