LeBron James knows how to add fuel to a fire and he's doing it again. Whether it's social media or public comments, the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar always seems to press people's buttons. On Thursday, he did so by working out with some fellow NBA players. The workout was known ahead of time, but not the entire guest list. The fact that Russell Westbrook was present is going to incite a riot in Cleveland, that's for sure.

James, Westbrook, and some other guys

James was always going to work out in Las Vegas with Phoenix Suns point guard Eric Bledsoe.

After the Cavaliers signed Derrick Rose, the point guard was invited to the festivities as well. According to ESPN's Dave McMenamin, however, there were a couple of other notable players to take the court in the desert: Oklahoma City Thunder's Westbrook and new Houston Rockets point guard Chris Paul. Some of the Cavaliers' player development coaches were also reportedly there.

There doesn't need to be an in-depth analysis of the workout. After all, players work out with each other all the time during the offseason without any player movement implications.

James has even worked out with the Miami Heat as a member of the Cavs during the season before. But the fact that James and Westbrook (and Paul and Rose, for that matter) are a year away from free agency demands a watchful eye be cast upon their interactions with one another.

James and Westbrook in 2018

Both James and Westbrook have the potential to be free agents in 2018 and both may be looking for a new chapter in their career.

James has refused to commit to Cleveland beyond this season, which may be related to Kyrie Irving's trade demand and drama. Meanwhile, Westbrook has not signed an extension with the Oklahoma City Thunder that could showcase his loyalty and make him one of the best compensated players in the history of basketball.

Both have been linked to the Los Angeles Lakers in free agency.

For James, it would be a matter of being closer to a place where he owns a home and closer to the entertainment capital of the country, an industry he has a large foot in already. For Westbrook, it would be a homecoming, as he was born in Long Beach and played his college ball with the UCLA Bruins. So while it may seem like an innocent workout right now, there could be a lot more going on behind the scenes as these superstar ballers get to know each other a little better on a warm Thursday afternoon.