It’s the modern day NBA where everyone is getting paid and for James Harden, he got paid big time! On Saturday, James Harden agreed to a supermaximum extension that will guarantee $228 million through to the 2022-2023 NBA season, as reported by ESPN. This contract extension is the richest in NBA history, and it comes just after NBA superstar Stephen Curry signed the biggest contract in NBA history. Just last year, Cleveland Cavaliers great LeBron James signed the largest contract in history at that time, but as each year passes, it seems a new superstar becomes the biggest earner.

LeBron James is very familiar with earning money. His career earnings in the league exceed $200 million, and that excludes endorsement deals which topple his salary significantly. In 2015, King James signed a lifetime deal with Nike. This deal is reportedly worth more than one billion dollars, putting the King in the same territory as Michael Jordan, being the only billionaires to play professional basketball.

King James tweets James Harden about the large contract

It’s not the NBA playoffs anymore, so it is no surprise that LeBron James is active on social media. Although currently being on holiday, The Chosen One still took some time out of his day to send a congratulatory message to James Harden in the form of a tweet.

Believe it or not, LeBron is left handed just like Harden. He made sure to gesture that in his tweet.

James Harden joins rare company

With this large contract extension, James Harden is now earning an extraordinary 38 million dollars a year.

This is in company with NBA superstars LeBron James, Warriors guard Stephen Curry and NBA great Michael Jordan. There are also a lot of all-stars in today’s NBA that have received some of the largest contracts in history, the wealth of the NBA is at the highest point its ever reached and the players are receiving all the fortune.

Mike Conley’s 5-year $153 million deal, Damian Lillard’s 5-year $139.9 million deal, and DeMar DeRozan’s 5-year $139 million deal are the three largest contracts in league history. None of these players have won MVP’s or championships, but in the modern day NBA, you can get paid big time.

Kobe Bryant once signed a 7-year $136.4 million contract in 2004 which would go right through to 2010. This was the biggest contract the National Basketball Association had ever seen, and it wasn't really close. But over a decade later, being an all-star in the league could get you a super contract that would stack up to the one Kobe received in 2004, it's crazy.