Lonzo Ball is the first player in NBA history to have his own signature shoes when he entered the league. His father LaVar and his Big Baller Brand, have been criticized for not signing a deal with any of the popular sneaker companies and overpricing his son's debut sneakers at $495. However, it has not stopped LaVar from believing in the potential of his brand. He has continued to promise that Lonzo will live up to the hype and indeed become one of the best players in the NBA.

After Ball made his NBA debut in the Summer League and took home MVP honors, his ZO2 sneakers have seemed to gain bigger interest.

Rapper Jay-Z did a recent interview and was asked how does he feel about LaVar Ball and the decisions he has made thus far. Jay had nothing but positive things to say about the outspoken father of Lonzo. Which should come to no surprise since Jay is a successful entrepreneur himself.

"Now, he may go about things wrong, he may have a big mouth, he may rub everything, but I bought three pairs. I didn't get them, but the man has a vision of his own. Why wouldn't I support him?"

TMZ caught up with Lonzo Ball on Monday and asked him how he felt about the rapper supporting his brand and buying three pairs of BBB kicks.

"I'm just thankful, man. I appreciate it."

Release of the ZO2s

The NBA regular season begins in less than two months and fans are eager to see Lonzo make his official NBA debut.

Fans will also be anxious to see what color ZO2s he will be sporting as well. If Ball exceeds expectations within the first month of the season, expect plenty of his sneakers to be shipped out to customers in November when they are set to release. Jay-Z is one customer that has already contributed close to $1500 to the Big Baller Brand and will be one of the first people to receive his shipment.

Is LaVar really a marketing genius?

The idea of having your own brand has never been a dumb idea. It is the best way to be your own boss and oversee your own finances. In the case of LaVar Ball, it will maximize his son Lonzo's chances of seeing the biggest return on his profits without having too many outside sources. Making the decision to creating sneakers for his son already places him in a different category than all of the other high-profile draft picks.

The way he has promoted his son and their family brand has opened the door for Lonzo to live out his dream and play for his hometown team the Los Angeles Lakers. Now, the organization looks to have a much more of a promising future and a star that has no problem selling out seats with a little help from his father.