Los Angeles Lakers star Lonzo Ball has mostly been under the radar in terms of controversy, with his father LaVar Ball taking care of all that controversial publicity himself. However, a recent "NBA 2K" image may have led to some beef between Lonzo and the video game makers. It all relates to their use of a picture with the Atlanta Hawks' John Collins and Lonzo's Lakers teammate Brandon Ingram. Here are the latest details on Lonzo Ball telling "NBA 2K" they may lose a customer soon.

What's the beef over?

One thing that typically comes with the newest "2K" video games for football or basketball are the player ratings.

Those ratings often stir up fans and the players themselves over their accuracies. Rookie John Collins of the Atlanta Hawks seemed a bit displeased with his ranking of 73 in the game, although he's still unproven.

Collins took to Twitter and as his response posted an image from the game "NBA 2K18" which shows him dunking over the Lakers' Brandon Ingram. The Hawks rookie simply added a few emojis and tweeted it to the "Ronnie 2K" account which provides"NBA 2K" news.

Of course, seeing this image of his teammate Brandon Ingram being dunked on didn't sit well with Lonzo Ball. He decided to tweet his own comment to Ronnie 2K suggesting they had a day to remove that particular image, or else they would "lose a customer." If Lonzo has any power, they might lose more than one, but it's doubtful.

It's also possible that Lonzo Ball is just having some fun. He may have seen how his dad loves to stir up publicity and this is a very subtle way to get some as media outlets including ESPN have covered the story.

Things heat up

John Collins fired back with "uh oh 2k what y'all gonna do?" to Ronnie 2K on Friday night. He added that ever-so-popular gif of the late Michael Jackson in "Thriller" gear chomping away on popcorn in a movie theater.

In an interesting sidenote, before Ball even tweeted to Ronnie 2K, Collins' teammate Malcolm Delaney suggested that people would be seeing a lot of Collins dunking on other players in real life.

Collins, a 6-foot-10 power forward, was drafted at No. 19 out of Wake Forest this past NBA Draft. He was described by ESPN's Chad Ford as "one of the most efficient" when it comes to low-post players this past college basketball season. At 19-years-old, he has plenty of upside, like many of the prospects in the NBA Draft.

It's unknown if Lonzo Ball was seriously angry at this or just having some fun with his fellow rookie. That said, it could mean that fans will want to circle the date for the first meeting between the Los Angeles Lakers and Atlanta Hawks this coming NBA season.