There are plenty of WWE "SummerSlam 2017" rumors and spoilers floating around the internet ahead of next Sunday's pay-per-view. One of the latest involves at least one potential heel turn at the WWE PPV event. While it's not a superstar in any of the championship pictures, it could make for an interesting turn so quickly just based on what his story has been. Here are the latest details on who may turn heel at "SummerSlam" PPV, and thoughts on how it could work or not for WWE going forward.

Who's turning heel?

According to Sportskeeda in their recent report, it could be none other than "the realest guy in the room" Enzo Amore.

Enzo is scheduled to be locked inside a shark cage at the big "SummerSlam" pay-per-view while his former tag team partner Big Cass takes on The Big Show down below in the ring. WWE "Raw" General Manager Kurt Angle booked the match that way at the request of Cass who didn't want Enzo able to interfere in the bout.

As Sportskeeda mentions, the Wrestling Observer Live's Bryan Alvarez said that over the WWE's history only heel characters had been locked inside the shark cage rather than babyfaces. The most recent example was when Chris Jericho was locked inside a cage over the ring during Kevin Owens' past Universal Championship match against Roman Reigns. At an "NXT TakeOver: Toronto" event it was manager Paul Ellering locked inside the cage as his tag team Authors of Pain competed down below.

Will it work?

Enzo Amore is in the news and rumors for WWE quite a bit lately. There's been the talk of him having major backstage heat with various superstars which can often limit one's potential for a strong booking. In addition to that, other rumors have suggested he might be sent back to the NXT roster or even to the "205 Live" show since his weight is right near that class.

That said, it makes an interesting choice if WWE turns him heel. Over the past several weeks and months, Enzo was involved in the breakup storyline with his former tag partner Big Cass. His seven-foot tall friend was behind several backstage attacks where Enzo ended up laid out, and nobody knew who did it. When the reveal came, Enzo received a big boot from Big Cass which knocked him out in the ring on "Raw."

The two would have at least one match, but Cass was too powerful.

It has now led to Big Show becoming part of the whole feud, which set up the Cass vs. Show match for next Sunday's WWE "SummerSlam." It's always possible that Enzo could turn heel and become more of a managerial or ringside sidekick like James Ellsworth. At the very least, Enzo has shown himself as strong on the mic, something other superstars are not as good at.