Technically, Leonard Fournette said that the NFL was a little slower than he thought it would be. The sheer conceit of that statement may rub some NFL veterans the wrong way because they worked so hard in their careers to keep up with this game, but there may be something to what Fournette has said. The NFL Regular Season is coming soon, and Fournette may well show that running backs coming out of college are better prepared than ever.

He has immense talent

The talent that Fournette has is not questioned, but there have been many talented men who played the position.

Everyone from Jim Brown and Gale Sayers to Barry Sanders and Emmitt Smith had talent, but these men also had work ethic. Someone who is not a fan of Fournette may claim that he does not want to work, that he is playing the ego card to avoid being too invested, and using his ego to raise his profile. The social media and constant news cycle culture will eat up everything he says, and we are talking about it here as proof that the method works.

The Jaguars are bad

it is possible that the Jaguars are so bad that he thinks the NFL is slow. The team has been devoid of talent for some time, and they have been in constant rebuilding mode since the last time David Garrard was under center. It has been such a long time that this team has been bad that they simply cannot expect to offer a defense in practice that will challenge Fournette.

You must believe

Fournette has every right to believe in his abilities, and he must have a high estimation of those abilities if he plans to succeed. The players in professional sports with the killer instinct are those who believe that they are better than everyone around them. Their belief in themselves will push them forward, and the NFL may need to take notice of Fournette simply because his belief will propel him.

He could be ridiculed

The first person who slams Fournette into the ground will likely welcome him to the NFL, and that man will taunt him just as every other opponent will. The opponents who are in the NFL are watching the news, and they have heard this rookie claim that the league is almost easy for him. The things that are said in the media can be used on the field during every game, and no one should be surprised if other teams are taunting Fournette with comments about the speed of the game when they nab him.

Leonard Fournette has become a lightning rod of opinion in a league where his team is one of the laughingstocks. He may well turn around the Jaguars, but that is not likely consider the talent desert on the Florida coast.