ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski has reported that the San Antonio Spurs are very interested in acquiring All-Star Kyrie Irving. Irving, who is discontent with his situation with the Cleveland Cavaliers, would also welcome a move to the Spurs and be willing to extend his contract with them. The Spurs have apparently become one of the favorites to land Irving, but it will be a challenge for them to come up with a deal enticing enough for the Cavaliers.

What can Spurs offer for Irving?

The Spurs' offer could include the likes of LaMarcus Aldridge, Tony Parker, or Danny Green in an offer for Irving.

However, it seems unlikely that the Cavaliers would accept such veterans. The Cavs are looking for a young star they can build around, considering the possibility that James could also leave in free agency next year. And the Spurs' young talents like Dejounte Murray and Kyle Anderson are nothing close to what the Cavaliers are in pursuit of. The Spurs will likely look for a third team that can offer the Cavaliers the young star that would satisfy their needs.

Irving fitting in with the Spurs

As good as Kawhi Leonard is, Kyrie Irving would have a bigger role playing alongside him than playing alongside LeBron James. Leonard, the quiet superstar, sets his ego aside in a Spurs fashion and does whatever is asked of him and whatever it takes to help his team win.

Thus, Irving's game would still be able to stand out. Surely, he would need to buy into Gregg Popovich's system and tweak his individualistic style of play, but Tony Parker was a similar player in his earlier years and he was able to become more of a team player.

Spurs need an elite point guard

The Spurs are in need of an elite point guard once again if they want to truly contend for the NBA title.

Tony Parker, 35, is on his last years in the league. In addition, he might still be out with the injury until next year. Irving would buy Leonard some rest and let him play in his natural position of small forward. In the last couple of years, Leonard has been asked to fill the role of the facilitator of the team, a point forward of sorts like LeBron James, but that is not Kawhi's forte.

Irving could become the principal ball handler and allow Leonard to extend his offensive repertoire off the ball.

The Spurs, to many people's surprise, have not been very active this free agency. Their most notable moves include the signing of Rudy Gay, who is an offensive force but is coming off an Achilles tendon injury, and the re-signing of 37-year-old Pau Gasol for three more years. The Spurs might have bigger plans next year, which will have a loaded free agent class. But maybe their biggest plan was to get Kyrie Irving this year.