LeBron James has continued with his social media-fest. This time, he has sent a warm birthday wish to Hall-of-Famer Earvin 'Magic' Johnson on Twitter, Now, media will try to decipher the meaning behind his words. Has James already spoken with Magic about a potential move to the Los Angeles Lakers? Is James already committed to playing for the Lakers and under Magic next year? It does not seem like any of these questions will be answered anytime soon. What seems certain is that more fuel has been poured on the LeBron-soap opera and the story of his potential departure from the Cleveland Cavaliers next summer.

James does not evade drama, he rather enjoys it, and there is no place like LA to continue to do so.

LeBron tweets Magic happy birthday

James tweeted the following today: "Happy birthday @MagicJohnson!! One of the few that's always showed love from day 1 to me! Thank you. Enjoy your day!!" James did not only wish Magic a happy birthday but also took the time to highlight how much he has meant to him. This secondary message can spur many to think that James intends to leave Cleveland and join forces with Magic next year. Apart from the fact that the two legends share a similar style of basketball, the message is especially striking considering the fact that LeBron has been linked with a move to the Lakers all off-season long.

The James-Lakers story has given different media a lot to talk and speculate about during this summer.

James falls in Magic's plan

The Lakers have approached this off-season with their eyes set on next year's off-season. They have been able to clear cap space after trading D'Angelo Russell and Timofey Mozgov. In return, the Lakers received Brook Lopez, who is only signed for one more year.

The Lakers can potentially sign two superstars next summer. Paul George has become a strong candidate to fill one of these two spots. James could shock the NBA world and take his talents to LA as well. magic johnson has taken the right steps so far and will certainly try to make this happen.

Ball and James

Lonzo Ball is the new face of the Lakers.

Ball will attempt to lead the Lakers to success again, but he understands that he will need help. Consequently, Ball has not shied away from bringing up the name of LeBron James and publicly recruiting him. He has recently said that his favorite player is LeBron James. Ball chose James over Kobe Bryant, and that is not an easy thing to say in LA.

Ball's game is also similar to that of James, as both are exceptional floor generals that look to get their teammates involved. James was able to see it in person when he came to watch a Lakers game in the NBA Summer League. Could the two share the floor next year? Another ball handler would certainly buy James some rest, but it remains to be seen whether adding James at this stage of his career is the best decision to make by Magic.

The Lakers are young and building towards the future, and James, 32, is not ready to be patient.

Irving pushing James out?

The James-Irving breakup and the front office turmoil has further given LeBron a reason to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers. He has delivered on his promise and brought a championship to Cleveland. Now, the future looks dark with the Cavaliers, especially when one takes a look at how things are going in the Bay Area. James is not known to stick around when things go south. If the Cavaliers ship begins to sink next season, all signs will point to James jumping off it. LeBron may be ready for a fresh start and some magic. Magic Johnson is ready to give him just that.