The Green Bay Packers might have been able to win the Super Bowl had their defense been better. As a matter of fact, the team might have been able to win the Super Bowl if they had any defense to speak of at all. Dom Capers is one of the best known defensive coordinators in the league but his job could be on the line if he doesn't find a way to get his unit to stand up and stand out in 2017.

Capers once brought a Defensive Scheme called the Psycho that managed to lead the Packers to be one of the best in the league in 2010. This year, the team is unveiling yet another crazy scheme that just might pair one of the league's best offenses with one of its best defenses.

The new scheme is called the "Nitro" and early reviews say it's as good as its name.

'Nitro' defense looking to catch on quick with Green Bay Packers

Capers hasn't gotten to see the new defense in a game yet, but he seems to like the early results. "We like the flexibility it gives us especially week to week when you're playing different styles of offenses," the defensive coordinator told Capers says that defense in the NFL these days is more about the matchup than the lineup.

The scheme is apparently a nickel set where the safety drops down to play middle linebacker. This isn't something that is entirely new to the team, but Capers is coming up with more plays in the formation and the Pack is looking to go all in on Nitro.

While there are likely some people who think the team is a bit desperate to find a way to improve the defense. On the other hand, Dom Capers is someone who has long been one of the most trusted defensive coordinators in the league.

If Nitro can catch on, the Packers are likely to be one of the best teams in the league once again.

A Super Bowl might even be in the future considering the offense that is already in place and only getting better.

Capers brings veteran presence to fixing Green Bay Packers defense

While his defense finished 21st in the league in points allowed and 31st in the NFL in passing yards allowed, Capers has long had some of the best defenses in the league. reports Capers has led his team to three top 10 finishes, and three top 11 finishes when it comes to points allowed. Considering Capers has been with the team for 10 years, those numbers should show that he knows how to turn a defense around when things need to be turned around. The Green Bay Packers trying out the Nitro could be the thing that finally brings them another championship