Barcelona's pockets might be bulging after Neymar's $263 million (converted from 222 million Euros) move to PSG last week but they are finding it hard to acquire a suitable replacement for him. Liverpool forward and Neymar's compatriot Philippe Coutinho is one of Barcelona's prime targets, but their bids have been knocked back twice. In a new development, Liverpool rejected Barcelona's latest bid for Coutinho worth a staggering $117 million.

Liverpool rejects record bid

Over the years, Liverpool has been seen as a big club which often sells some of its most important players.

For instance, the club sold star striker Luis Suarez to Barcelona for around $97 million (converted from £75 million) back in 2014, but it seems that Liverpool is not ready to do business with the Spanish club this time.

Barcelona had earlier offered $93.3 million (£72 million) for Coutinho, but that was swiftly knocked back. They returned with an improved record bid of $117 million, but that was rejected as well. Had Liverpool accepted the fee then it would have been a record sale of the club, but it seems that money is not at the top of the mind of the club's owners.

Coutinho is one of the most influential players at Liverpool and losing him days before the start of the new English Premier League season will be a body blow for the club.

On the other hand, Barcelona is desperate to fill the hole created by Neymar's departure, and the latest bid is a proof of that.

Can they hold on?

It is a well-known fact that when either of Real Madrid or Barcelona truly want a player, then they usually get their way and hence there is a possibility that Liverpool might eventually sell.

Considering the sort of funds, Barcelona has at its disposal; the club is perfectly capable of coming back with third or fourth bids that will test Liverpool's resolve. In addition to that, the Daily Telegraph has reported Philippe Coutinho is willing to move to Barcelona. Moving to either of Barcelona or Real Madrid is considered the pinnacle of most footballers' careers, and hence, it remains to be seen if Liverpool can maintain this hardline stance.

If the player is eventually sold to Barcelona, then Liverpool will make a handsome profit on their investment of around $10.6 million (converted from £8.5 million). The player joined Liverpool from Inter Milan in 2013, and since then he has become a vital member of the club's attacking force. As things stand, there is every chance that Barcelona will return with a much-improved bid.