Golden State Warriors rumors aren’t about the team itself, but rather the NBA playoff odds that the team is receiving from Las Vegas. As the Warriors are easily expected to make the playoffs and compete for another NBA title, it won’t be easy for fans to make a lot of money off of the teams’ success during the 2017-18 NBA season. In fact, it is almost laughable what it would take to make money on some bets.

A report from ESPN states that a Las Vegas sports book is offering 1-1,000 odds that the Golden State Warriors will make the 2018 NBA Playoffs.

To break that down a bit further, in order to win $1 on a bet, a fan must put up $1,000 on the Warriors. In order to win $100, that fan must be willing to bet $100,000 on the team. That’s a lot of money to risk for very little payout.

What are some other Warriors odds for the NBA season?

There are a lot of ways that fans can bet on the Warriors for the coming NBA season, with some of the wagers riskier than others. Someone who wants to bet $100 against the Warriors making the playoffs could walk away with $10,100 in what would be a very nice bet. It would be extremely risky to suggest that Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, Stephen Curry, and Draymond Green will fail to get the Warriors back to the postseason.

One of the more interesting wagers could involve the over/under win total for the Golden State Warriors. Right now, the Warriors have an over/under number of 67.5 wins for the 2017-18 NBA season. Taking the over means predicting the Warriors will have 68 wins or more while taking the under predicts that the Warriors will have 67 or fewer victories.

As a comparison, the Warriors finished 67-15 last season and won the NBA Championship.

Can any team stop the Warriors from winning another title?

Over in the Eastern Conference, the Cleveland Cavaliers are favored to make it back to the NBA Finals again, but the team has had a very rocky offseason. LeBron James and Kyrie Irving were at odds, culminating in Irving getting traded to the Boston Celtics.

That raises the interest level in a postseason series between the Cavs and Celtics but doesn’t necessarily make either team more competitive on paper when it comes to taking down the Warriors.

A team like the Portland Trail Blazers could certainly make some noise in the Western Conference after improving through the draft, adding some depth in free agency, and possibly even trying to acquire Carmelo Anthony. None of it has the NBA analysts expecting the Blazers to seriously challenge the Warriors though. But any improved team in the West could certainly be a threat to steal a few games from the Golden State Warriors and threaten that over/under number of 67.5 from coming true.