Cleveland Cavaliers rumors are still focused on a possible Kyrie Irving trade and the reaction that former NBA MVP LeBron James is having to the whole situation. While the Cavs trade rumors still haven’t yielded a deal after Irving requested a trade this offseason, it has allowed for the drama to continue to build between the stars of the team. James posted a cryptic message on Twitter that caused NBA analysts to begin their debates again.

It’s not too surprising that LeBron James would be upset that Kyrie Irving wants out of Cleveland, especially since the Cavs were horrible when it was Irving’s team.

James brought the team back to relevance, which doesn’t seem like enough to make Irving happy now. Any excuses about James “casting a large shadow” seem very hollow coming from Irving.

Will the Cavs trade Irving before NBA season?

It’s no secret that the front office of the Cavs has been looking for the right deal involving Irving, leading to many NBA trade rumors about a possible destination. The New York Knicks are one team that keeps coming up, as All-Star forward Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James are friends. Pairing them together on the offense of the Cavs could certainly make up for any loss of scoring in an Irving trade. Anthony was also linked to the Portland Trail Blazers.

As of Wednesday (August 9), it seems that the Cavs just haven’t found the right move to make.

There are many new Cleveland Cavaliers rumors, but none have the team imminently ready to pull the trigger. Despite any drama that Kyrie Irving has caused, he is still one of the best point guards in the NBA, so his value might be higher than what any other team is willing to part with. It’s also very risky for a playoff team to give up a key playmaker.

Do the Cavs need Irving to win another NBA title?

Fans and NBA analysts seem to agree on one major point this offseason and it is that the Cavs would take a huge hit if they have to part with Irving. While many people, including the outspoken Charles Barkley, consider LeBron James to be the best player in the NBA, he will need a lot of help to take down the Golden State Warriors next year.

Kyrie Irving could provide that help.

The Cavs still completely control Irving and don’t have to trade him. If the NBA regular season starts getting closer, the best move for the front office might be to simply keep the roster intact. The biggest question mark is whether the drama between LeBron James and Kyrie Irving will subside and not become a huge distraction for the team. Can the stars co-exist and put an end to all these Cleveland Cavaliers rumors or does Irving already have a foot out the door?