The Nebraska football team has been looking for an influx of talent ever since Mike Riley took over the helm. While Bo Pelini was able to make the most he could with the players he brought in, it was fairly clear the cupboards were mostly bare, talent wise when he left. Riley and his staff have been working overtime to get the Huskers back to where it once was.

Cornhusker fans haven't really seen the fruits of those labors in the first two years, as most of the players ready to play have been holdovers from the Pelini regime. Things look like they're going to change for the Nebraska football team in 2017, starting with players on the offensive side of the ball like Tyjon Lindsey and on the defensive side of the ball like Guy Thomas.

Nebraska football ushering in new era

Guy Thomas was a commit to the Nebraska football team back when Mark Banker was still the defensive coordinator. Despite the drastic change in defensive philosophies, Thomas recently talked to Huskers Illustrated and made it clear he's not worried. His new position coach, Mike Bray made it clear Thomas doesn't appear worried, he appears to be the real deal.

Bray said that Thomas is being tried out at linebacker. That shouldn't come as a surprise considering the change to the 3-4 defense. Defensive coordinator Bob Diaco has said his 3-4 is going to be a bit different from what teams are used to seeing. It appears Thomas has the speed and ability to get to the ball the defense wants to see from its players.

He's playing well enough that he might be able to avoid a redshirt year. With the reports of how well Lindsey is playing on the offensive side of the ball, it appears likely there are going to be at least a couple of true freshmen starting or getting significant playing time.

Veterans still at the top of the depth chart for the Nebraska football team ... for now

Linebackers coach Trent Bray has said that Thomas has been playing well enough to start talking about avoiding a red shirt. He hasn't yet made himself the number one at his position. Thomas will likely play the "Cat" linebacker slot. Alex Davis and Sedrick King were sitting in the top spots at that position heading into fall camp.

Leaning towards veteran defenders is nothing new for a coaching staff. Riley's bunch is still looking at keeping veterans like Josh Kalu at safety, rather than moving him to corner and possibly having a young player take that safety position. One thing is for sure, positive talk about the defense in general, and true freshman, in particular, appears to be a good sign for the Nebraska football team this early in camp.