As the Toronto Blue Jays ended the chicago white sox series on a high note with a win, this makes many wonder if they still have a chance to make it to the post-season. The Jays are a team that has been inconsistent, but also surprising.

Steve Pearce

Steve Pearce has been a pleasant surprise for the Jays. He is probably one of the most underrated players on the Jays and in baseball right now. Steve Pearce recently hit two grand slams in the ninth inning to help the Jays walk off to victory.

He also homered in today's game against the White Sox. Having two walk-off grand slams in a matter of four days is very impressive. With all the injuries and negativity that has been presented this season, this is something to look upon as compelling and positive. Steve Pearce became just the 3rd player in MLB history with two walk-off grand slams in a season, according to Globe and Mail.

Marcus Stroman doesn't have to dial it down

Marcus Stroman has primarily been one of the Jays' strongest pitchers this year. It is clear that the Chicago White Sox were not fans of his emotions.

Stroman is the type of player that will wear his emotions on his sleeve. He will talk to himself on the mound, get hyped up, and isn't afraid to. Stroman has been recognized and applauded for capturing a World Baseball Classic title. So, why should he have to tone it down?

Tuesday night's incident between Stroman and Tim Anderson of the Chicago White Sox was the most recent in a string of on-field quarrels involving the Blue Jays' starter.

Like most occurrences on the baseball field, things got heated between Stroman and Anderson after the 26-year-old pitcher struck him out. Anderson gazed out to the hill as he strolled back to the dugout. Talk about drama in a game that people often call slow and unexciting.

Jays' recent success has been communal

It is evident that the Jays' recent success has not been one player doing all the work.

Baseball is all about teamwork. Justin Smoak has been consistently consistent and has not been in a slump in any way, shape, or form. Josh Donaldson has been hitting better of late, and as mentioned, Steve Pearce has also been really productive of late. Russell Martin has played a role in putting up better numbers. This season has also shown that players like Darwin Barney have contributed to runs being scored. It's safe to say that with the Jays, it is never a dull moment. Remember when Chris Coghlan leapt over Yadier Molina to score a run?