Former Boston Celtics guard Jae Crowder was spotted wearing his new team's gear for a Sunday workout. It looks like the new Cleveland Cavaliers recruit is cozying up with the team, starting his regimen with a bold statement. In a Twitter post, a picture of him and Josh Okogie emerged online with a note that says "Josh Okogie and Jae Crowder getting some Sunday work in yesterday. Pros are on campus here at Tech every single day."

The photo immediately caught the attention of fans as a possible indication that the Celtics-Cavaliers blockbuster trade was not void.

Others said they were surprised to see him in Cavs gear when the trade is not yet "finalized." While the latter seems true, the Cavaliers want one more player from the Celtics to complete the deal.

Jae Crowder helped the Boston Celtics in leading the Eastern Conference regular season, unfortunately, his team lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers in last season's playoffs.

Boston - Cleveland blockbuster trade

The Boston Celtics traded Jae Crowded alongside Isaiah Thomas and Ante Zizic to acquire Cleveland Cavaliers' Kyrie Irving. However, the Celtics franchise is expected to turn down an additional request from the Cavs citing the franchise knew about Isaiah's condition prior to the trade.

While Jae Crowder remains silent about the trade, Isaiah Thomas revealed his thoughts about the decision to trade him.

He said the news came as a surprise to him, adding that he never saw it coming. Now, he worries about the new life his family has to adapt to in the coming months especially his children who are now subject to attend a new school. Thomas played one of the most exceptional games of his career few days after his sister died, and fans remembered him for his heart and courage that brought the Celtics back on its game.

Jae Crowder, on the other hand, lost his mother on the day the Boston Celtics traded him to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Helen Thompson, 51, had been battling cancer before she passed away.

Cleveland reveals jersey numbers

On Friday however, the Cleveland Cavaliers revealed the jersey numbers of Isaiah Thomas (3) and Jae Crowder (99).

According to the Cavaliers Nation, Crowder retained his jersey number in Boston and both players are expected to make a game debut on October 17, 2017. Meanwhile, the NBA training camp is expected to start in the third week of September. By then, we can see who's in and not in the first few games of the regular season.