UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor is undoubtedly a class act and most of that can be seen when he promotes his fights. With the hype on his upcoming match with American boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. going ahead as planned, this is one department where he has been standing out.

This is not to say that Mayweather has not done his share of hyping their fight. The 40-year-old has launched jabs at the Irishman, though a bit toned down. Either way, it seems Mayweather is only concerned with getting this over and done with and getting back to his retirement.

McGregor is a one-man show

Both Mayweather and McGregor stands to earn a lot from the Aug. 26 fight. The rare occurrence of seeing a mixed martial artist facing a professional boxer is interesting, with most siding with the guy who holds an unblemished record. Though most continue to question how Mayweather was able to do it, the point is no one has handed him a defeat. Could McGregor be that guy? Not many are giving “The Notorious” much of a chance.

Regardless, McGregor is not about to admit that he faces tall odds. That could change after the Aug. 26 fight. Both could end up hugging each other for a job well done – unless McGregor ends up being knocked out, which most believe is a possibility.

While that remains to be seen, the marketing and promotion part needs work. McGregor claims he has been doing all the work per Boxingscene.com, winning at least on this front. The only thing it proves is that the UFC champion is good at promoting but the actual fight is another story.

Promoting is good, but is McGregor ready?

There are only a couple of weeks to go before Mayweather and McGregor face-off. Right now, the American boxer is a heavy favorite because it is the sport he has been known for. With retired boxer Paul Malignaggi revealing the real score at the McGregor camp, the odds have further swayed in favor of Mayweather.

Most see a lopsided match, though McGregor is reportedly in tip top shape.

Unless it is a track meet, McGregor’s chances may only be a lucky punch or if he wears down Mayweather at some point. Other than that, most believe that the UFC champ is more concerned about giving the fans a show. The same could be in the mind of Mayweather, though -- he could opt to make short work of the novice boxer.

Hence, McGregor has won at least on one front. Whether he can actually win his match against Mayweather at the T-Mobile Arena in Brooklyn on Aug. 26 remains to be seen.