There were many familiar names who kept tabs on the Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Conor McGregor fight on Aug. 26. One of them included Andre Berto, the boxer Mayweather faced and defeated before the UFC lightweight champion. Berto faced heavy criticism, though most of it was aimed at Mayweather. Aware that the American boxer was on the verge of retirement, selecting the 33-year-old over big name fighters drew a howl. As most witnessed, the fight ended up as expected despite the hype “Money” tried to stir up on Berto.

Berto contemplating UFC jump

Despite the loss, McGregor impressed some critics with the number of punches he was able to land.

Had he been in good shape, the Irishman would have lasted the entire bout. As most know, Mayweather won the match by technical knockout. McGregor was obviously fatigued and lacked the preparation to last more than the UFC’s traditional five-round matches. Just the same, the performance drew praise.

Now, Berto has jumped into the picture and made pleas to get into the world of mixed martial arts. He has sent feelers to UFC president Dana White thought nothing has developed as of this writing. Berto hardly made an impact in boxing so it seems uncanny for him to show a sudden interest in the UFC. Is he in it for the money or fascinated at how McGregor was able to transcend into boxing? If successful, he could become the first person to be a boxer and mixed martial artist.

Pushing it further, he could be the first boxing and UFC champion if successful. Berto held the WBC and IBF welterweight titles from 2008 to 2011. If White gives him a chance, he could accomplish that rare feat of being a dual champion in different sports.

Chances not that high

Speaking of champions, Berto’s surprising plans bring up lots of questions.

His age is one, though there are some UFC fighters who have succeeded past their 30s. The only problem here is he needs time to train for the sport. One example is CM Punk, a former wrestling champion who failed to hit it off in the mixed martial arts ranks. Punk’s path will likely factor in if White does consider Berto. Without anything official right now, he may not get his wish.

Berto does have MMA in his blood, though the landscape is totally different if not practiced. He would need to undergo training, something that may take time. Punk, someone with a mixed martial arts background, tried that and failed. Berto could be in the same boat, though he is a couple of years younger. Will Dana White consider this?