Damaged goods or not, Derrick Rose still has what it takes to play in the NBA. Though he could benefit immensely by being more careful, no one can take away the fact he can help out any team – particularly on the offensive end.

There were multiple teams that showed interest in the former NBA MVP. But it appears it was all talk. No one really offered Rose a contract other than the Cleveland Cavaliers according to D-Rose’s handler Bj Armstrong.

Money over winning

Some months ago, Rose believed that he was good for another max deal. Seeing the way his career has gone so far, critics believed this was a long shot.

Rose has suspect knees, undergoing several procedures that have hampered the all-star guard’s ability to finish a complete NBA season. Curiously, all this went down after he won the NBA MVP back in 2011. Things just didn’t pan out with fans getting worried each time the 28-year-old tries something acrobatic in games.

That max contract jab may have led to teams worrying about their team budgets. Most have been handing out ridiculously expensive deals but to players who they can depend on all season long. Rose has yet to complete a full season and maybe never will. Would Rose bite a veteran’s minimum?

Until the Cavs deal was tendered, most teams were apprehensive. Some may have felt it was a waste of time so why bother?

Most were looking long-term while the Cavs were not.

The relationship between Cleveland and Rose may be short-term, though it is a chance to show what he still has. It may work out well, and then again not. The thing is, the Cavs pulled the trigger with most teams weighing their options.

No to mentoring

Aside from the fact that he can still play, teams were looking for Rose to mentor the young players in their fold.

At 28, Rose is open to the idea but is not ready to give way. As most have probably seen, mentoring is almost synonymous to playing less in actual games.

Guiding and teaching are normally done by veteran players when they are in the twilight of their careers. Rose is still young but needs to play smarter to stay healthy. If not, he could end up spending more time in sick bay – if not waste another season.

Armstrong explains why teams were apprehensive and a lot of it may be about the money on the table. This is depending on if it is a long or short-term deal. Rose was initially seen to spell Kyrie Irving but if the latter’s wish is granted, he could just end up being a starter instead.

So with that in mind, Rose may want to embrace the opportunity and take a cautious approach since the Cavs would need him always healthy for the coming season. From there, that max deal wish could get better chances of happening.