WWE Summerslam 2017 is set to take place on August 20. Therefore, the stage is being set for the PPV to take place. Before we proceed to the main PPV, things are heating up a little bit on television. In order to bring more twists and excitement to the PPV, general manager of WWE SmackDown Live Daniel Bryan announced that there will be a Special Guest Referee in a title match at Summerslam. That referee is SmackDown Live president Shane McMahon and he will feature in the match between Kevin Owens and AJ Styles for the United States Title.

What can we see in the WWE Summerslam event?

It is not new to WWE to start some controversy in a match before any PPV. This is especially true when it comes to major PPV like Summerslam, where the WWE really tries to heat the things up. It looks like this year's Summerslam is going to be a no exception either. In this particular situation, the center of focus is the United States title. AJ Styles, who is the current WWE United States champion is set to defend his U.S. title at Summerslam and it looks like the U.S. title match will be one of the major attractions. This is because Shane McMahon will be involved in this Wwe Summerslam match as the special guest referee in order to get a genuine outcome of the match.

What caused the changes?

All of this started last night on the SmackDown Live episode when AJ Styles was defending his United States title against the challenger Kevin Owens. Both of these WWE superstars were involved in a very intensive fight and at the end of the match, it was AJ Styles who came out as the winner, allowing AJ styles to retain his United States title.

However, after the match was completed, it was clear that the AJ Style's win was not a clean one. In fact, when AJ Styles was pinning Kevin Owens and the referee counted the pinfall and declared AJ Styles as the winner, replays show that the victory was tainted. At the end of the match, after all the replays were shown on the big screen, it was clearly visible that Kevin Owens shoulder was up the entire time.

The situation left Kevin Owens furious as he was asking for the justice. However, Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon handled the situation. Shane Mcmahon awarded another U.S title rematch to Kevin Owens for the Summerslam event. Then Kevin Owens asked for a better referee who will not screw him during the Summerslam match. Then, Daniel Bryan announced that there would be a special guest referee for the match and it would be Shane McMahon.