Manny Pacquiao has yet to decide on what he plans to do next though Top Rank promoter Bob Arum is pushing for a Pacquiao vs Horn 2. It makes a lot of sense because of the contract stipulation with boxing fans divided on the real ultimatum behind it.

With most believing the Pacquiao was the real winner based on the stats of the fight, the controversy remains up in the air. Under normal circumstances, a rematch made sense though most have tied it as a money-making scheme that could eventually lead to a trilogy. Pacquiao’s match with Timothy Bradley Jr.

went the same way – possibly an indication that the 38-year-old will be wrapping up his career against Horn.

What happens if Pacquiao retires?

Based on his competitive fire, Pacquiao is more than likely to get a rematch. He could pull off an equalizer and set the tone for a rubber match.

Time is not on the Filipino boxer’s side. He is nearing the 40-year-old mark and most are aware that his speed and punching power are slowly going down. Nevertheless, Pacquiao and Arum seem to be bent on a rematch – whether fans like it or not.

Horn has options

In the event that the rematch gets burned by a Pacquiao retirement, Horn will need to move on and target other big name fighters. The Australian boxer got a big boost in his career with that win, regardless if most saw it a robbery.

According to an interview with On The Ropes Radio, Carl Moretti noted that one name that he could possibly target is Terence Crawford. Top Rank VP Carl Moretti has the Pac-Man among the list of possible opponents for Crawford but is fully aware of a possible retirement by the boxer/ Senator.

Though that is still up in the air, Moretti believes that a match with Horn may materialize instead – if it made sense.

It could be the scenario once Crawford moves up a weight. He is currently at 140 lbs. and could move up to 147 lbs. if he wants to.

Crawford is set to face Julius Indongo next on ESPN and the decision on weight class will be tackled thereafter. For now, Moretti explained that the 29-year-old has no problems managing at 147.

The boxing world is currently divided on whether a Pacquiao vs Horn rematch should take place. Most believe the eight-time division champ won, particularly with the stats and that round nine barrage. The debate is expected to go on with a rematch looming as the only viable solution.

Some may like it and some may not. But the point is Pacquiao and Horn fans will continue to go at it, sticking up to their fighter until both announce their next moves as far as the boxing ring is concerned.