Curtis Samuel is the highly-touted draft pick from Ohio State who should come to the Carolina Panthers and make a splash with the football. He is a gifted talent who has made news for who dropped him off at Training Camp. The social media universe took hold of his story when his mother was seen driving him to his first training camp, and this is a look at how his mother speaks to parental involvement in sports.

He did not expect this reaction

Curtis was open in saying that he did not expect social media to catch him in the car with his mother. The amount of scrutiny that any NFL player is under is high, and rookies often forget how many people are watching.

Curtis has done nothing wrong, but his story has been cast as one that is humorous. This writer believes that Curtis' story is one of hope and love. Someone who laughs at Curtis says quite a lot about their own condition, and it may be time for them to rethink the role of parents in the lives of their adult children.

Mothers are always there

Curtis was open about his mother being there for every little thing that he has done. We should commend his mother for keeping the family together, and we should think of all the sacrifices she made so that he could live his dream as a football player. There is not a player in the league who did not have someone behind them on their journey, and Curtis Samuel is a young man who gives voices and vision to what mothers do every day for their kids.

Perhaps we will see more

Curtis is likely not the first player who rode to training camp with his parent, but he is the first to be seen and reported on. The parents of NFL players often are honored on Mother's Day and Father's Day when the league is not playing, and these parents are not given the recognition that they deserve.

This writer hopes that more players will come out in defense of Curtis and what his mother has done. The stories of players who were helped by their parents should not be reserved for hall of fame speeches and locker room talk. The public must hear what kind of parents help their kids become great.

The Carolina Panthers are lucky to have an infusion of family and perspective come to their team.

This writer has not broken down the stats on Curtis Samuel, but he is certain to have an impactful career in the NFL. If his mother teaches us anything, she teaches us that family should always be there through thick and thin. No matter how much money her son makes, they recall the times when she drove him to practice hoping for this dream to come true.