Curtis Granderson has been given a gift in his trade to the Los Angeles Dodgers. The New York Mets are going nowhere, and they are selling players near the last trade deadline of the season. Granderson is a longtime journeyman player with a big bat, and he has been sent to many different teams over his career because of his offensive potential. This trade to the Dodgers gives them more offensive ability, and they will be even more prepared for a title run than they were before.

Why trade for Granderson?

The Dodgers have every reason to trade for Granderson because they must do everything they can to maximize their brilliant season.

They are on pace to win over 110 games, and a team of that power should not lose in the playoffs. Trading with the Mets gives the Mets needed relief as they attempt to rebuild, and the Dodgers receive a veteran who will keep the club calm as they push into the postseason.

Will the Dodgers win the World Series?

There is no guarantee that the Dodgers can win the World Series, but they are making it more likely that they will cruise to the World Series. Anything could happen in a seven-game series, but the Dodgers now have more firepower than they know what to do with. There are no gaps in their lineup, and they have the best pitching staff in baseball. The Astros are in a tailspin, the Red Sox are struggling, the Yankees are flailing, and the Dodgers are getting better every day.

What do the Mets get?

The Mets will receive a player to be named later or cash in the trade. They have their choice, and they have made a trade that reeks of desperation. The team has given up a serious bat to a team that does not need any help. They have made this trade for practically nothing because they have no leverage, poor leadership, and no prospects for the rest of this season.

The Mets may retool at the end of the season after likely firing Terry Collins, and the team must decide if they can survive with the pitching staff they have. They have done everything but get rid of pitchers, and that may be the next step.

The trade that has just happened signals a shift in power in the Major Leagues. The Dodgers are clearly in the driver's seat, and every other team with eyes on a championship must make a decision about how they will set their rosters, create an environment where there is hope, and compete for a title in a scenario where the Dodgers are more powerful, pitch better, and have more resources that create success.