With the fantasy fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr. over and done with, life goes on for Conor McGregor. “The Notorious” has been given an expected medical suspension, one that is for only two months.

Hence, the reigning Ufc Lightweight Champion can return to the Octagon as early as November. The only problem right now is who his opponent would be. There are, however, several options – including old nemesis Nate Diaz. UFC 218 and 219 have yet to get the main card so either could be ideal events to see the Irishman back in action.

Options other than Diaz

Looking at the upcoming UFC events, there is that upcoming fight between Tony Fergusson and Kevin Lee. A logical scenario would see McGregor face the winner of that October fight. However, the winner of that card may not have enough time to get medical clearance to face McGregor.

Other possibilities include Khabib Nurmagomedov or Max Holloway. Of the two, the Russian is more feasible seeing how he has already faced Holloway before. Nurmagomedov has repeatedly called out “The Notorious” for a match.

Picking your poison

But according to McGregor’s manager Audie Attar in an interview with MMA junkie, a trilogy with Diaz is what the Irishman wants. Seeing both are technically tied, it makes a bit of sense.

The only problem is that it carries plenty of criticism as well.

Both McGregor and Diaz want the fight to take place at 155 lbs instead of 170 lbs. If so, McGregor may be forced to put his title on the line. McGregor has been hit for not putting his title on the line but this scenario could force him to do so.

Aside from the catchweight, there is UFC President Dana White to worry about.

Despite the fact that a trilogy could rack in revenue, White knows that Diaz can easily pull out a win against McGregor. Seeing that Diaz has not fought since UFC 202, the UFC president may have a change of heart.

From all the options McGregor has, a trilogy against Diaz is apparently the card that makes the most of sense. It may be risky but is apparently something mixed martial arts fans would love to see.

Trilogy then retire?

Most are aware that McGregor took home quite a bundle from the Mayweather fight. He is expected to get roughly $100 million from that circus fight, probably enough to consider retirement.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be an option for now. The competitive fire remains inside “The Notorious” so it looks like he will go on and fight some more.

McGregor has entertained thoughts of possibly boxing again, probably against another boxer. Mayweather is no longer an option with the undefeated boxer making it clear that the Aug. 26 face-off was the last match of his colorful boxing career.