Last month, Manny Pacquiao was involved in a highly competitive 12-round bout with Jeff Horn. The fight was not a pay-per-view one for Manny as it was aired on ESPN for free. However, the fight turned out to be one that fans would have certainly gotten their money worth. The much older Manny Pacquiao took plenty of punches from Horn throughout the fight but made sure he was returning the favor and arguably got the better of the youngster by the end of the bout.

Unfortunately, Pacquiao fans would have to see their fighter get robbed by the judges on the scorecards in the end in Horn's favor.

The decision from the judges stirred up controversy after the decision and many fans and public boxing figures expressed their disappointment. Manny himself seemed confused at the end of the fight but maintained good sportsmanship toward Horn in his post-interview.

ESPN's Dan Rafael reported Saturday morning, that Manny has told top rank boxing promoter Bob Arum that he is skipping out on his plans to retire and will seek a rematch with Jeff Horn. Arum says the event would most likely take place in Australia during the month of November. For now, he will search around for possible venues that the event can be held in.

Nearing Retirement

Pac Man has had a stellar and busy professional career inside and outside of the boxing ring.

For the first ten years of the 2000s, he would dominate in five different divisions and be named the Fighter of the Decade by the Boxing Writers Association of America. During that time he fought and defeated some of the best fighters like Erik Morales, Juan Manuel Marquez, and Oscar De La Hoya. His victory over Oscar sent the legendary fighter into retirement.

One of his most memorable knockouts came in his 2009 bout against Ricky Hatton. After a decade of dominance, Manny's career began to see a decline once he entered the world of politics for his homeland of the Phillipenes. He's done a good job at balancing the two different careers, but it's obvious the responsibility from his political position has affected his skills in the ring.

In fact, prior to 2010 when he accepted the position, Pacquiao did not lose a fight from September 2005 until June of 2012. Since then, he's lost four of his last nine. Although his last one to Horn would not be considered a loss in the eyes of many fans.

Anticipated rematch

Pacquiao fans will be happy to see their guy avoid throwing in the towel just yet and giving them one more entertaining fight. Manny has been known to bounce back in rematch fights winning the sequels against Morales, Marquez, and Timothy Bradley Jr. earlier in his career.

So, Horn can expect a more sharp and aggressive Pac Man on the second go-round.