The world is still reeling from the huge upset of Australian and former school teacher Jeff Horn, hacking out a unanimous decision over eight-time Filipino boxing champion Manny Pacquiao. Most have criticized the decision, singling out the statistics from the “Battle of Brisbane.”

The unexpected outcome has drawn the ire of Pacquiao fans, both high profile folks to the unknown. While they do have a case, including photos showing how badly beat up the Aussie was, the complications may have been avoided had the Pac-Man delivered the so-called knockout that most believed he could do.

Pacquiao slowing down or ambushed?

At 38, there is no question that Pacquiao should have retired while he was still young and on top. But the competitive nature inside of him simply refused to quit while he was ahead. Even at his age, his speed and punches were still there. However, such may not always be a point of consideration, especially for boxing judges.

Similar to the Timothy Bradley Jr. fight, the judging is being criticized once more. They scored it 117-111, 115-113 and 115-113, all for Horn. For those who were able to watch the fight, those numbers may not necessarily show what really went down. The stats don’t lie but do they actually factor in when it comes to judging?

This is an issue that has been plaguing the sport, leading many to rant that boxing is simply not the same as it used to be.

But before moving forward, was the loss staged to make more money for both fighters?

That is the allegation of most, rekindling that celebrated trilogy between Bradley and Pacquiao. After losing the first, Pacquiao came back twice to get the upper hand over “Desert Storm.” It may be possible and such has left a bad taste in the mouth of the boxing community.

But despite that, the fact remains – anyone would pay good money to watch Pacquiao enter the ring once more. Call it a business, but boxing organizers have quietly considered that angle even if it means ruining the credibility of boxers – in this case, Pacquiao.

Pacquiao never delivered the KO

Before the “Battle of Brisbane,” many were waiting for the killer blow by Pacquiao.

Most believed that it would not go beyond five rounds but nothing close to that happened. In fact, the nearest was in the 9th round when Pacquiao unloaded on Horn.

Pacquiao cannot be faulted. Horn came out smoking and obviously well-prepared. He may have used dirty tactics though the referee did not rule such. In short, it was a gameplan that outwitted Pacquiao and his trainer Freddie Roach.

The boxer-senator got his groove in the later rounds but it seemed to be a little bit too late. Finishing the fight and leaving it to the judges was a high-risk move (whether Pacquiao hoped for that in the end or not).

In all, the knockout expectations from Pacquiao would have averted the controversy. It may be easy to say but it was a call that most believed the Filipino boxer had in his arsenal.

But at 38-years-old, Pacquiao may have found difficulty digging deep. Aside from that, there is the lack of focus since he has entered other careers such as entertainment, politics and professional basketball.