Baylor University stands at the center of controversy, and they appear as though they cannot get out of their own way. This university has not performed well when protecting its students, and they have been stuck in court since their latest blowup over sexual assault investigations. Their president was forced to resign, Art Briles was pushed out the door, and they have been slapped with an order by a Judge to release documents. Baylor is eager to get past this situation, but they have not been able to do sogiven the furor that follows them and this investigation.

What does this mean?

The judge that has ordered the release of these documents has been courteous to Baylor in allowing certain items to remain sealed. The specific investigations and privileged names will remain sealed, but there are bits of privileged information that the university released on its own. Baylor opened itself to scrutiny by allowing privileged information to go public, and they must completely release investigation materials that were released in-part in the past. Baylor was not forthcoming at the beginning of their investigation, and they have shown that they did not act in good faith. They will not be forced to reveal how badly they handled these investigations.

The changing face of protecting women

Women on college campuses around America are objectified by male students, and they are not taken seriously when they report crimes. It is difficult for a woman to feel as though justice will be done, and the Baylor case shows a precedent where a college did not do their due diligence. This does not indict other schools, but it calls into question a system of American universities, including Baylor, that appears to devalue young women in favor of money, football and school pride.

Other scandals

It is interesting to point out that Dave Bliss who was disgraced as basketball coach at Baylor was recently given a new job in athletics. He spent over a decade in the shadows where he could not get a sports, and he helped cover up the murder of one of his basketball players. Art Briles did not cover up a murder, but he continued the culture of hiding the dirt while attempting to present a pretty image.

The judge that has presided over this case is trying to split the veil completely at Baylor over their investigations. Perhaps other school in America will take this judge's decision to heart knowing that the light will be shined on how they treat women who allege assault.