The art briles, baylor football saga just took a really ugly turn. Despite the fact that the former coach finally dropped his lawsuit against the University, another lawsuit has brought some truly awful details to light. According to testimony by several regents familiar with the scandal surrounding the university, not only did the former coach allow his players to go unpunished for various crimes, but at times, he knew the specifics. One incident that is particularly chilling is a gang rape of a young woman by five Baylor athletes.

Art Briles and the 'bad dudes'

According to Houston Chronicle, some court records indicate that the former football coach and former athletic director, Ian McCaw discussed the gang rape of the woman by five players. During that discussion the pair decided not to report the incident to police. The first problem with this issue is that McCaw decided to discuss it with the Baylor football team at all, before going to the proper authorities. When Briles was told of the incident, he engaged in some rather obvious victim blaming, saying he didn't understand why the woman was hanging out with some "bad dudes." This is where we point out that those "bad dudes" appear to be at least a couple of players on his own team.

Art Briles and the text message

While that discussion certainly puts Baylor in a rather bad light, it's a text message between the former coach and McCaw that makes both men look quite terrible. The two can be seen in the text talking about keeping another incident as quiet as possible. This time, the problem was a player that was accused of assault and threatening to kill a non-athlete.

The university attempted to talk the victim out of pressing charges, while also working with police to keep everything quiet. Eventually Briles texted McCaw "Just talked to [the player] – he said Waco PD was there – said they were going to keep it quiet – Wasn’t a set up deal... I'll get shill (Shillinglaw) to ck on Sibley (local attorney Jonathan Sibley)." McCaw replied “That would be great if they kept it quiet!"