Right after WWE's "WrestleMania 33," a major "Superstar Shake-Up" took place in which members of the WWE "Raw" and "SmackDown Live" rosters traded places. In addition, the event saw some NXT talents move to the main roster, although they weren't necessarily part of the shake-up. Now it seems that another one of these roster shuffling moves are on the way, but it may be quite different than the last one. Here are the latest rumors on what may be coming for the next "Superstar Shake-Up" in WWE.

Previous WWE shake-up

In the previous situation, the main rosters saw a few major swaps involving top champions or former champions.

For example, Alexa Bliss moved over to "Raw," while Charlotte Flair joined "SmackDown Live." Once she'd joined "Raw," Bliss made history by becoming first women's division member to have won both WWE women's titles on the different brands.

A few other champions moved to new rosters. WWE Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose went over to "Raw," along with his rival The Miz and Miz's wife Maryse. The United States Champion Kevin Owens moved over to "SmackDown Live."

Other WWE stars who moved included Bray Wyatt, Apollo Crews, and Kalisto joining "Raw," while Sami Zayn, Rusev, Lana, New Day, and Jinder Mahal moved to "SmackDown Live." Of those stars, Jinder Mahal went from "jobber" to major champion.

New Shake-Up?

It's being reported by Sportskeeda that Wrestling Observer Newsletter has said the new "Superstar Shake-Up" could happen after "SummerSlam 2017" and it might have main roster members moved to the NXT roster. This would be like a "reverse draft" of sorts, or almost like a major league baseball player being sent down to the minor leagues.

However, NXT is still a wildly successful product, it's just less visible than the main roster shows right now.

Among the superstars rumored for this shake-up are women's division member Dana Brooke, Emma, Apollo Crews, and "The Showoff" Dolph Ziggler. Of those mentioned, Ziggler has been a main roster member for years but is often said to be in need of something new.

NXT would certainly provide him a bit of a different environment to hone his craft in or help mentor newer stars.

One has to wonder if this shake-up would simply involve sending main roster stars to NXT and maybe bringing some NXT stars up. Fans have been waiting for stars like WWE NXT Women's Champion Asuka, NXT Champion Bobby Roode, and the tag champions Authors of Pain to bring their talents to "Raw" or "SmackDown Live," but will it happen after "SummerSlam" PPV?