Last week, the WWE rumors started whirling around the Broken Matt Hardy gimmick again. This time, Matt Hardy said that they had come to an agreement with Impact Wrestling on using the gimmick in the WWE. However, Jeff Jarrett shot those rumors down by saying they weren't true which caused Reby Hardy to speak up and threaten to reveal the truth to everyone if Jarrett didn't stop "lying."

With that said, Jeff and Matt Hardy used a ton of Broken references on Monday Night Raw this week.

The Broken Matt references

At the Great Balls of Fire pay-per-view, Matt and Jeff Hardy lost to Cesaro and Sheamus in an iron man match and failed to re-capture the Raw tag team titles.

This week on Monday Night Raw, after Finn Balor won his match the Hardy's came to the entrance. They were met at the top of the entrance by Balor and the three men greeted each other, with announcers revealing that Jeff's daughter considers Finn her favorite wrestler.

However, before Finn Balor left, he did the "Delete" hand gesture and the fans went nuts, all chanting "Delete" as well. That brought the Hardy Boyz to the ring. The brothers talked about not winning the tag team titles and Jeff pondered if they should "just fade away and classify ourselves as obsolete." For fans who didn't watch Impact Wrestling, those are the words from Jeff's song that he sang when he and his brother came to the ring.

Matt Hardy then followed that up with his own "proclamation" - a word that Broken Matt used all the time in Impact Wrestling. He then said that he feels bruised and "somewhat broken." That reference was obvious. Either the Hardy Boyz have worked out an agreement or they are pushing the limits on the Broken Matt gimmick.

The Broken Matt controversy

The original controversy when Matt Hardy left Impact Wrestling was that he said he owned the rights to his character but Anthem Sports, the company that purchased Impact Wrestling, said that they owned the rights. For their part, the WWE wants nothing to do with any legal problems and have just used Matt and Jeff Hardy in their Hardy Boyz gimmick.

Matt Hardy claims that there was an agreement made last week that would allow them to use the Broken Matt gimmick. Jeff Jarrett has said that is not true. Following Jarrett denying it, Reby Hardy said there was a clause in their agreement that would fine her $5,000 any time she said something disparaging about Impact Wrestling in the future. Matt Hardy said they kept their end of the agreement but Anthem is stalling.