It is unusual when a player that did not work out for a team years ago is re-signed. Although, second chances are given. The past couple of years has surely been full of dysfunction and drama for the Knicks. The New York Knicks have been making some questionable decisions with their additions to the team. There is some hope left as they do have Kristaps Porzingis and have fired Phil Jackson. There is a difficult road ahead of them as the team will have to rebuild from the bottom up.

Knick's sign former Knick

The Knicks have recently signed former player Tim Hardaway Jr.

to a 4 year, 71 million dollar deal. The shooting guard spent the last two years with the Atlanta Hawks and his first two in New York. An article by CBSSports lists that Tim Hardaway Jr. was even surprised by the deal that the Knicks offered him. He vouches that he is a different player now.

The Hawks were not able to match the offer sheet to keep him in Atlanta. This move made by the Knicks is quite desperate, and they have overpaid him for what he brings to the table.

Hardaway Jr. being in New York did not work out years ago and he was traded away for his inconsistent play. He also struggled on the defensive end. Granted, he could be a more improved player this time around. The Atlanta Hawks were smart not to offer a higher amount to keep him.

Although, Tim Hardaway Jr. did have a good year with the Hawks. In only 28 minutes of play per game, he averaged about 14.5 points. Towards the end of the regular season, he averaged 18 points in 32 minutes per game. He was a key offensive threat for the team hitting shots around the perimeter and in the paint. He improved his three-point shooting, hitting 38% of them.

This move done by the Knicks raises other questions for the organization as well.

Anthony out the door?

The move done by the Knicks signals the chance of Carmelo Anthony finally leaving the organization and escaping from New York. It has been said that Anthony and Hardaway did not get along the first time they were together. This deal being made sparks more rumors of Carmelo leaving the Knicks.

The star-player could well end up the Houston Rockets, Cleveland Cavaliers, or the Los Angeles Clippers. Recent rumors point to the Rockets as the most likely destination.

Melo should go to a contender and get to the playoffs, where he has not been in many years. The All-Star forward is not getting any younger. He should be looking to move on and play his final years on a great team and possibly win a title or at least reach the playoffs. Now, with Tim Hardaway Jr. in, Carmelo Anthony could just be out.