The WWE released Austin Aries from his contract last week and there were a lot of WWE rumors floating around after his release. The first rumor was that Aries asked for his release but that turned out to be false. The second rumor was that his bad attitude backstage caused the WWE to release him and that appears to be based on facts according to a number of backstage sources. Whatever the reason, since the WWE released Aries, he can move to any promotion he wants after his 90-day non-compete clause ends. With Austin gone from the WWE, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that a number of the wrestlers backstage are happy to see him gone.

Austin Aries’ problems

According to most backstage sources, Austin Aries was growing very discontent in his role in the WWE. While Aries was in the Cruiserweight title match at WrestleMania 33, it was on the pre-show and the WWE chose not to include it on the DVD release of the event. This was a problem for two reasons. First, because the WWE chose to leave it off the DVD, neither Aries nor Neville will get paid any royalties for the match.

Second, Aries believed he was above the Cruiserweight division and he felt he brought a lot more to the table than the WWE gave him credit for. It was that opinion that caused a lot of wrestlers and writers to develop a dislike of him. Some wrestlers outside the WWE, such as former WWE superstar Matt Morgan and Ring Of Honor star Kenny King, have taken up for Aries and explained that he knows his worth and the WWE was wasting him.

Cruiserweight’s opinion of Aries

However, Austin Aries visions of his own self-worth were enough to turn off a lot of the wrestlers who worked with him. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Aries wanted out of the Cruiserweight division since he lost so many times to Neville. The WWE rumors indicate that Aries felt there was nowhere for him to go since he kept losing to Neville and wanted to move on.

Instead of just moving him to the main roster, the WWE released him.

According to the reports, many members of the Cruiserweight division were happy to see him go since he seemed to never be happy backstage at the WWE. The writers penning storylines were also happy to see him gone since he was never satisfied with what they created for him.

Now that the WWE has cut their ties with him, Aries can try to find somewhere else that will make him happy.

After his release, Austin Aries posted on Twitter that it was a beautiful day. He has his non-compete clause which means that for the next 90 days the WWE can choose who he is allowed to work for. However, since they released him, he can choose any company to work for starting in October. Aries posted on Twitter that big news will be coming very soon. He has burned bridges with Ring of Honor but there is still a chance he could re-join GFW Impact Wrestling, which is now run by Jeff Jarrett.