When the WWE announced they were having a "superstar shakeup," many fans assumed that they would have trades between the two companies. That is what happened but the WWE did not announce what the trades were and instead just showed all the wrestlers changing to "Monday Night Raw" during that show without any word on who was heading to "SmackDown Live." With "SmackDown" still to air tonight, here is a look at the wrestlers who arrived on "Monday Night Raw."

New "Raw" main event stars

"Monday Night Raw" opened with what looked like the first two arrivals from "SmackDown Live" in the superstar shakeup.

However, after the music of John Cena started, it was The Miz and Maryse that came out dressed as John Cena and Nikki Bella. That meant that the first names arriving on "Raw" were The Miz and his wife. The Miz was one of the most entertaining performers on "SmackDown Live" the last year and will bring a lot to "Raw" as long as he is allowed to shine. However, he lost his first match clean to Sami Zayn. Also arriving to start the show was Dean Ambrose, which means the Intercontinental title is coming to "Raw." Unlike The Miz, Ambrose won his first match by beating United States champion Kevin Owens, who is likely headed to "SmackDown Live."

Former WWE world champion Bray Wyatt is also coming to "Raw," and this really spoils his upcoming match with Randy Orton for the world title unless they somehow plan on switching the title like they did the Intercontinental belt.

Wyatt hinted at an upcoming feud with Finn Balor. Finally, Alexa Bliss and Mickie James are on their way to "Monday Night Raw" as well to change up the women's division.

The rest of the "Raw" arrivals

The other arrivals of the WWE roster shakeup to "Monday Night Raw" were mid-card wrestlers and jobbers. Kalisto is a big name to mention here.

He floundered on "SmackDown Live" while there and now has a chance to join the roster of "205 Live" and work with the cruiserweights. Expect something in the future between Kalisto and Neville. Apollo Crews had a lot of momentum heading out of NXT but has done almost nothing and hopes for a fresh start on "Raw." Former "SmackDown Live" tag team champions Heath Slater and Rhyno are also coming to Monday nights, but the tag team division is very strong there so they don't expect to do much.

The other arrival was Curt Hawkins, who was knocked out by Big Show on his first night back. Finally, Byron Saxton is heading to "SmackDown Live" while David Otunga is coming to "Raw."