One of the biggest stories in the WWE last month centered on the breakup of the popular Tag Team of Enzo Amore and Big Cass. The breakup was one of the better executed in a long time as Big Cass betrayed Enzo Amore and Enzo actually carried out the betrayal in great style, even bringing tears to the moment. Enzo and Cass then wrestled each other at the Great Balls of Fire pay-per-view and Big Cass won while Enzo showed a lot of heart in the defeat.

Things looked even better because Enzo Amore was able to have the crowd eating out of his hands with his perfect promo skills leading into the match and then Big Cass was allowed to open Monday Night Raw this week with the first promo on the show.

It proved the WWE has faith in both wrestlers but there might be trouble. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, both Cass and Amore have heat with the WWE for different reasons.

Big Cass loves Donald Trump

Starting off with Big Cass, there is a lot of heat on him but it is mostly with other wrestlers backstage. According to reports, Big Cass is a huge supporter of Donald Trump and is also very outspoken about his political views. This is something that likely doesn’t bother upper management, as the McMahon family financially supported Trump’s political campaign as he ran for President. Wrestlers like Kane is running on a conservative platform and JBL is a staunch Republican.

However, the fact that Cass is such a big supporter of President Donald Trump is apparently rubbing a lot of other wrestlers the wrong way.

This won’t hurt his push as management has also proven to be Trump supporters but it could cause some problems in the ring with certain wrestlers. Big Cass looks to be heading into a feud with The Big Show, a veteran who doesn’t mind putting over the next generation of giants in the WWE. Big Show last put over Braun Strowman and that turned out great.

Enzo Amore had a run-in with Roman Reigns

The heat of Enzo Amore might be worse. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Enzo had an incident on the tour bus and a lot of wrestlers were angry with him. By the end of the incident, Roman Reigns stepped up and kicked Amore off the bus. This also led to a very uncomfortable moment where he got what is known as the “Miz treatment” and he is not allowed to dress in the locker room anymore.

The incident with The Miz happened many years ago when he made a veteran mad for eating chicken over that wrestler’s bag. Miz was kicked out of the dressing room and wasn’t allowed to get into his gear in there for six months, forced to change in the bathrooms or halls. That appears to be where Enzo Amore is right now with his fellow wrestlers. It should also be noted that Enzo is not happy in the WWE right now because of the split with Big Cass.